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The military of the Pacific Empire is composed of highly-trained soldiers that, because of the terrain of the empire, specialize in guerrilla tactics, jungle warfare and extreme climate battles. The armored vehicles of the empire has also been influenced by its terrain, most of the empire's numerous tanks are amphibious, versatile, mobile and has heavy tires instead of tracks which improves its speed.

Military PrincipleEdit

The Imperial Military concentrates mainly in offensive force than defensive ones. Its offensive abilities usually emphasize on speed and large numbers of troops with overwhelming firepower. To compensate for the Imperial Military's lack of defensive abilities, it uses deterrence and preemptive strikes to ward off any foreign threats.

Former Armed Forces in the History of the Pacific EmpireEdit

Government Commander-in-Chief Military
Republic of ATLANTIS Zeppeli Jaegar, Gilliam Jaegar, Gunther Jaegar Republican Guards
Commonwealth of ATLANTIS Albert Naldie People's Self-Defense Force
ATLANTIS Federation Bismarck Jaegar, Terence Jaegar Federal Military
Imperial ATLANTIS, Pacific Empire Rudolf Jaegar, Schneizel Jaegar, Frank Jaegar Imperial Military/Armed Force

Military BranchesEdit

The Imperial Armed Forces has a different form of categorizing its branches. The Pacific Empire branches its military according to purpose instead of branching it into Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Military Branch Commander's Rank Commanding Officer
Imperial Armed Defense Forces Air Chief Arthur Roa
Imperial Invasion Force Admiral Franz Emile Break
Imperial Intelligence and Covert Operations Agency Lance General Yukina Himuro
Imperial Militia Force Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General
Lilianne Rin Jaegar
Audrey Mae Jaegar
Imperial Royal Guards Lance General
Lance Fuhrer
Lance Fuhrer
Celio Mustang
Klaus Krupp
Hilda Garde
Imperial Legion of Autonomous Warriors Field Marshall
Colonel General
Colonel General
Vlad Severin
Rupert Daigo
Joanne Arche

Imperial Armed Defense Forces (IADF)Edit

The loyal shield of the Pacific Empire. Its primary mission is to secure the empire and defend its territory, although sometimes it is also deployed overseas to fight and assist the Imperial Invasion Force. Its branches are:

Imperial EnforcersEdit

The imperial and military police that keeps peace, order, and stability among the citizens of the empire; includes the SWAT

Imperial GuardiansEdit

The vanguard of defense and security in the empire; it acts to defend the empire from foreign threats as well as rebellions

Imperial Defense Air ForceEdit

The air force of the IAF; includes the Airborne Force

Imperial Defense NavyEdit

The navy of the IAF; includes the Marines and Coast Guards

Imperial Combat Support StaffEdit

Usually composed of field logistics staff members, combat engineers and combat medics

Imperial Expedition ForceEdit

A support army for the Imperial Invasion Force; includes the Rapid Response Force

Imperial Invasion Force (IIF)Edit

The bloody sword of the Pacific Empire. It is an independent branch of the military that has its own separate army, air force and navy. This special task force only takes orders from the emperor directly and its main purpose is to expand the territory of the empire by military force and power. Although it is usually deployed to invade and colonize other lands, it also acts to support the foreign actions of the empire and of its allies.

Imperial Intelligence and Covert Operations Agency (IICOA)Edit

The eyes and ears of the Pacific Empire. It is a military branch that is fully devoted in collecting information and intelligence. It also manages covert operations such as assassinations, sabotage and the likes in and out of the empire.

Imperial Militia Force (IMF)Edit

A special branch of the military that is mostly composed of reserve soldiers. It usually acts in rescue and relief operations. It is further categorized to three divisions:

Imperial Mobile ForceEdit

Acts as a support for deployed soldiers

Imperial Civil SupportEdit

Acts as the rescue team of the empire during storms and other disasters

Imperial DefendersEdit

Acts as a support in defending the empire in times of war

Imperial Royal Guards (IRG)Edit

A special force that acts as bodyguards to the Jaegar family, most especially to the emperor and the heir. Also protects political figures and officials.

Imperial Legion of Autonomous Warriors (I-LAW)Edit

The most gruesome and despicable branch of the military. It acts independently much like the IIF but unlike the IIF, they work like a foreign mercenary army and acts without the emperor's consent. The I-LAW has its own "government" but still depends unto the empire for budget, thus making it like a contracted private army although it was formed by the imperial government. The main tasks of the I-LAW is to quell rebellions, fight terrorist, and to expel foreign threats.

Vlad Severin initiated a coup d'etat against Emperor Frank Jaegar and has formed a partnership with the Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic which made them join the Second Midwayan Civil War.



The Imperial Military regards human soldiers as obsolete and have produced artificial soldiers to replace humans in combat to increase efficiency and to lower human casualties.

The military has Super Soldiers which are clones produced in factories with a specific program to act a specific role. Each generation of Super Soldiers would only have at least two programs, one for their role and the other for perfect obedience and loyalty. Super Soldiers do not have any free will and would depend on their commanders, programs and given orders to move and live.

The military also has Perfect Soldiers which are genetically-enhanced artificial humans with their own free will and has programed special abilities and skills. The 1st generation of Perfect Soldiers have more programs and are generally more effective than the rest although they are unstable and would require frequent checkups and "maintenance". The 2nd generation of Perfect Soldiers are immortal, like the "upgraded" version of the 1st generations, but they are weaker than the 1st generation although stable. It is still unconfirmed if Ultimate Soldiers do exists.

The military uses 6th generation Super Soldiers as its combat soldiers and staff; 7th generation Super Soldiers for squadron commanders, snipers, combat medics and engineers, and staff; 8th generation Super Soldiers for special task forces and rescue teams; and 9th generation Super Soldiers for covert and intelligence operations. The armed forces also has 1st generation and 2nd generation Perfect Soldiers in the top command of the military and of the government, who are sometimes given special missions by the emperor or the fuhrer.

Armored Fighting VehiclesEdit

See: BLITZ Armored Fighting Vehicles


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Military SatellitesEdit

See: Military Satellites



Transport Capsule


Automated Supply Vehicle


Yggdrasil Drive



  • Transport Capsule - A transportation platform used by dropping the capsule from a "deployer" into a battlefield. It could contain 4 armored fighting vehicles and 100 soldiers. Can return to its "deployer" by the use of cable wires or rocket engines.
  • Automated Supply Vehicle - A transportation platform that would deliver supplies from space centers to space satellites/stations.
  • Pandemonium - A super computer used by the emperor to directly control the military. It is currently located under the Imperial Jaegar Castle. Pandemonium is like Eagle Eye in ability and technological superiority, it could control or override the program of all Super Soldiers and could incapacitate or control all Perfect Soldiers.
  • Yggdrasil Drive - A futuristic defense system that produces a barrier/force field for an extended amount of time.
  • Nibelung - An anti-sky defense system that would destroy any airborne unit within its range.
  • Rho Aias - A portable version of the Yggdrasil Drive that produces a weaker barrier with a short time limit.
  • Velocitas Eradico - An operational Space gun
  • Memento Mori - An experimental Ion cannon
  • Requiem - An experimental Plasma cannon
  • GENESIS - An experimental Tesla cannon
  • Neutron Jammer - still under conceptualization, a system that would suppress nuclear reactions (such as fission/fusion), rendering nuclear weapons and reactors useless
  • Neutron Stampeder - still under conceptualization, a system that would accelerate nuclear reactions (such as fission/fusion), making premature detonations and meltdowns for nuclear weapons and reactors respectively
  • Cyclops System - A self-destruct system installed in military bases and even on Super Soldiers, the power of the explosion varies depending on where it is installed.
  • Bamboo Curtain System - A signal-jamming system that would render incoming "smart" guided missiles/bombs as "dumb".
  • Iron Curtain System - A large-scale missile intercepting system used against incoming ballistics and cruise missiles
  • Iron Dome System - still under conceptualization, a large-scale version of the Yggdrasil Drive. It produces a barrier that cannot be penetrated by absolutely anything and has its own energy source. Only has a limited range but with no time limits.
  • Research is also being done to copy some of the proposed Wunderwaffe of Nazi Germany.

Military RanksEdit

Even though the empire has a different form of branching the military, it still ranks its soldiers according to the normal branches. There are some differences though when it comes to the commanders' ranks.

Air Force Army Navy Others
Air Chief Field Marshall Admiral Lance Fuhrer
Wing Chief Colonel General Vice-Admiral Lance General
Feather Chief Captain General Rear-Admiral Lance Brigadier
Talon Chief Lieutenant General Commodore Lance Colonel
Tail Chief Major General Vice-Commodore Lance Major
Flight Chief Brigadier General Rear-Commodore Lance Captain


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