The military of Bobogoobo performs operations for offense and defense both domestically and in outside conflicts for Bobogoobo's allies. All branches except cruise missiles and tanks are maintained even in peace time in preparation for the next inevitable war. Bobogoobo is proud to have a relatively advanced and strong military, contributing to the defense of its alliance. Additionally, Bobogoobo prides itself on never having entered peace mode without being ordered to do so and never having personally surrendered — "Never give up, never surrender."


The Bobogoobo Military consists of the following five branches: Army (Soldier and Tank corps), Air Force (Fighter and Bomber wings), Navy, and Missiles.


During peacetime, Bobogoobo does not maintain a tank corps and maintains a soldier corps with soldiers numbering about 20% of the nation's total population. During war, the army is increased to number 80% of the civilian population with tanks numbering 10% of the effective soldier force. The soldier corps is 186% effective during peacetime.

Air ForceEdit

Bobogoobo maintains a constant air force of (with full aircraft carrier battle group; minus 25 fighter wings without) one hundred F-22 Raptor fighter wings and five Tupolev Tu-160 bomber wings, totaling 105 wings.


The Bobogoobo Navy is once again fully completed. However, as the number of ships it can support is based on its level of infrastructure, the navy is subject to occasional expansion (or shrinkage during war). Currently, the Navy numbers 32 fleets consisting of the following battle groups (BGs): 0 corvette, 9 landing ship, 0 battleship, 0 cruiser, 0 frigate, 8 destroyer, 8 submarine, and 7 aircraft carrier.


Bobogoobo maintains a constant arsenal of 25 nuclear weapons (except when depleted by war), with cruise missiles as necessary maintained during war (but not overnight).

National DefenseEdit

Bobogoobo has an advanced defense system to ensure that nothing unwanted crosses its borders. Border guards will use non-lethal weapons such as tasers, anti-aircraft or ground EMPs, etc, to repel invaders if necessary. The most advanced part of the system is the Bobogoobo Defense Shield Matrix (BDSM), which is impenetrable to solid matter.

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