Military Testing Center
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The Military Testing Center (MTC) is a scientific research corporation that specialized in the analysis and testing of national military entities. The company is also ranks military capabilities of nations using a standardized ratings scale.

The company was so successful they quickly ran out of military forces to test. On January 1, 2007; all Military Testing Center complexes were sealed, and all employees were put into cryogenic stasis until the military forces of the world killed each other off enough to warrant testing again.

Recent Development[edit | edit source]

Recently, the Military Testing Center has begun attacking neighboring nations on the grounds of trespassing. Records show that the MTC privately owned vast areas of land near each of their thirteen complexes, although there are no obvious borders.

Automated Testing[edit | edit source]

Before going into hibernation, the Military Testing Center invested heavily into robotics as conducting numerous military simulations with human soldiers was extremely costly. At some unknown point; numerous systems started collaborating and became sentient. All recent conflicts has been conducted by Bot #240683, a Conscious Artificial Military Testing Intelligence Network (CAMTIN) who refers to himself as the aforementioned acronym.

Rating Description Medal Awarded
AAA High Grade - Excellent AAA.png
BBB Upper Medium Grade - Satisfactory BBB.png
CCC Lower Medium Grade - Needs Improvement CCC.png
DDD Low Grade - Needs Major Improvement DDD.png

Military Ratings[edit | edit source]

The Military Testing Center uses the following scale to rate the effectiveness of a military force and its leadership. Some nations use the awarded medal on their uniforms, armor, kilts, or other official outfit.

The contents of a military testing result. Contains photos, charts, spreadsheets, official summary, and rating medal.

CAMTIN[edit | edit source]

(see main article: CAMTIN) Not Much is currently known about Bot #240683. From the few nations that have had interaction and dialog with him, he is reported to use polite wording and has a synthesized English accent.

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