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Military Order of Capitalist Republics
MOCR Official Flag

MOCR Official Flag
MOCR Motto: Have a nice day
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) MarkLevin7
Founded June 8, 2010
Other Officials
  • Emperor: MarkLevin7
  • Minister of Defense: Vassili Zaitsev
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kamerad Schweine
  • Minister of Interior Affairs: reaper1437
  • Minister of Finance: Empty
  • Minister of Recruitment: Empty
  • Minister of Education: Empty
International relations
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The Military Order of Capitalist Republics (MOCR) was a small alliance on the black sphere. It was founded on June 8, 2010.


One day after being founded, MOCR signed its first MDoAP with Fallen Knights, which has allowed the alliance to grow peacefully. The next day they signed an NAP with the Rosey and Pink Society.

MOCR is now disbanded.


Article I: Government[]

  1. The Emperor shall act as head of state. He shall have ultimate authority, although he may delegate any powers he may choose to Ministers or create other government positions.
  2. The Emperor shall serve a term that lasts until his resignation.
  3. In the case that the Emperor's position is vacant, an election shall be held to fill the empty spot.
  4. The following departments are to be created:
    1. Department of Defense (DoD)
    2. Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA)
    3. Department of Interior Affairs (DoIA)
    4. Department of Recruitment (DoR)
    5. Department of Finance (DoF)
    6. Department of Education (DoE)
  5. Each of the departments will be led by a Minister appointed by the Emperor.

Article II: Department of Recruiting[]

  1. The DoR shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
    1. To find and recruit new members.
    2. To create an application process for new members.
    3. To establish requirements for membership.
    4. To aid all new members in the application process.

Article III: Department of Foreign Affairs[]

  1. The DoFA is responsible for maintaining relations with other alliances, and for creating and entering into treaties/blocs.
  2. The DoFA may send and receive delegates/ambassadors to other alliances/blocs.

Article IV: Department of Defense[]

  1. The MoD has the power to declare offensive and defensive wars against other alliances.
  2. Members of MOCR are forbidden to attack or raid any other nation without permission.
  3. MOCR will always defend its members against other nations and alliances.
  4. The DoD, working with the DoIA, has the power to punish any member of MOCR who breaks any rules as they see fit.

Article V: Department of Interior Affairs[]

  1. The DoIA shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
    1. To maintain the forums.
    2. To enforce all alliance rules and policies among the members.

Article VI: Department of Finance[]

  1. The DoF shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
    1. To create tech deals and trade circles for MOCR members.
    2. To aid smaller nations of MOCR.
    3. To ensure that MOCR members have adequate warchests as mandated by the DoD.

Article VII: Department of Education[]

  1. The DoE is responsible for ensuring that MOCR members know all necessary information for successful gameplay and alliance activities.

Article VIII: Team Color[]

  1. MOCR is a black team alliance.
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