Militärische Rat der Preußischen Armee, Military Council of the Prussian Armed Forces
ChancellorLiese Weisemann, MF
since April 1st 2009
Chief of General StaffAlfred von Schliefen, MF
since March 27th 2009
Minister of WarHans Grosse, MF
since April 1st 2009
Members35 Imperial Ministers, Bureaucrats and Officers
Meeting place
Emergency Procedure Organization Headquarters

The Military Council of the Prussian Armed Forces (German: Militärische Rat der Preußischen Armee) is the Council responsible for the management of the Emergency Procedure Organization, and subsequently the Military of the Prussian Empire. It is an official branch of the Executive Government of Prussia.

The Council is responsible for meeting once a month during peace and once a week during war. During these meetings, the Council discusses important issues and recent events relating to the Imperial Military, and debate methods to counter problems that have come up. The Council also, at the beginning of a war, creates a plan of action for the Minister of War to follow, and then updates it as time passes. According to the Charter of the Empire, the Minister of War is obligated to follow any directive given through a collective decision by the Council, excepting when the Chief of General Staff vetoes the directive.

The Council is highly powerful and influential in the Dominion, due to the importance of the Military in Prussian Culture.


The Military Council is made up of 35 Government officials and Military Officers.

Top Ranking MembersEdit

Chancellor (Council Chairwoman): Liese Weisemann
Chief of General Staff: Alfred von Schliefen
Minister of War: Hans Grosse
Minister of Security and Defense: Alfred Hohagen
Ministry of Intelligence: Erich Geschwill

Other MembersEdit

Vinzenz Bauer
Josef Bey
Fritz Heim
Otto Eckhardt
Josef Brenig
Helmut Birckhahn
Gerhard Vetter
Rolf Stoewass
Joachim Hermann
Heinrich Bismarck
Helmut Malkomes
Johannes Betz
Fritz Kruegel
Richard Wessling
Alfred Simm
Generaloberst Franz Mahlke
Generaloberst Heinz Schweitzer
General Peter Nietert
Generalleutnant Peter Dahmer
Oberst Ernst Hossbach
Generaloberst Paul Rohde
Generaloberst Hans Morich
Oberstleutnant Wolfgang Neumann
Leutnant Richard Gellert
Oberfeldwebel Karl Sivers
Oberfeldwebel Peter Trojer
Gefreiter Heinz Filius
Hauptmann Johann Meissner
Oberstleutnant Walter Klemm
Hauptmann Johannes Maaz

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