Military Command
Department of the New Pacific Order
NPO Milcom
Imperial Officers
Running of the war machine, protecting Pacifica from attacks, organizing and overseeing Battalions

The Military Command of the New Pacific Order is one of the most important departments in the alliance, one that every Pacifican becomes familiar with once they have graduated from the academy and obtain membership in the Body Republic.

Military Command are the people who organise the NPO's war and military efforts, lead NPO Battalions into war, and prepare its defenses against any threat that arises. Battalion NCOs and Lieutenants are soldiers' first point of contact within the military when a situation arises. Lieutenants and NCOs are there for a reason - to lead and help members. Above the Lieutenants and NCOs sit the Generals of the Pacific Army, the last step in the chain of command (named "High Command") before the Imperial Officers of Military Affairs.

Members are invited by top-ranking officials of Military Command to join their ranks when they display the necessary skill, determination, and responsibility to take on the role of an NCO or Lieutenant. Such invitations are based on an intense monitoring of overall behaviour, working ethic, military skills, leadership skills, will, and ability to take responsibility. Being "alright", "ok", "good" or anything the like isn't enough to receive the enormous honor of an invitation to become one of the leading persons who make the military backbone of Pacifica what it is today. This honor is not received by many and not many deserve it. Wielding the power of a Pacifican Lieutenant is not to be taken lightly.


The structure of Military Command has changed over the years, from its first inception as the War Council to the more modern and streamlined version established in 2007, Military Command is prepared to innovate and adjust in order to stay at the forefront of warfare.

Rank Image Duties
General NPOgeneral Oversees the day-to-day running of the Pacifican War Machine and has the power to appoint people to positions within Military Command.
Colonel NPOcolonel Charged with looking after the battalions each as well as monitoring the war machine.
Military Advisor NPO Military Advisor Honorary retired members of MilCom. They serve as advisers to High Command, Battalion Command, and Squad Command, along with working on special projects as needed
Lieutenants NPOalphalt
Leads and monitors all nations assigned to their battalions.
Quartermaster Quartermaster Quartermasters assist the Battalion Lieutenants and help run the battalions along side them.
Squad Leaders SquadLeader Squad Leaders form and command the base level squads that make up part of Pacifica's War Machine. They are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their squad members.

Wars Edit

War Combatants Outcome Ribbon
First Arctic War NPO vs. NAAC NPO Victory NAAC1
Citrus War NPO vs. ODN NPO Victory ODN
Second Arctic War NPO, GATO, Legion vs. NAAC NPO Victory NAAC2NPO
WSA War Warpstorm vs. NPO, Legion, NpO, GATO NPO Victory WSAribbon
The Great War Coalition of Justice vs. CoaLUEtion Disputed - Argued as
Stalemate or Defeat
Second Great War The League vs. The Initiative Initiative Victory Pinkcampainfinalbx2
Holy War of Farkistan Fark, LUE vs. GOONS, NPO, Genmay GOONS Victory FARK
War on The Empire NPO vs. The Empire NPO Victory Empire
Third Great War The Initiative vs. Aegis Initiative Victory GW3
The Alaskan Folly NPO vs. ABP NPO Victory Abp
Green Civil War The Initiative vs. Green Solidarity Initiative Victory VEbannor
Copyright War NPO vs. Aeazen Combine, CRRN NPO Victory


FAN-WUT War The Initiative vs. FAN NPO Victory FAN
The Unjust War The Unjust Highway vs. ~ ~ Victory FAN-GOLD
The Reeducation NPO vs. Devildogs NPO Victory RED
InFANtile War One Vision vs. FAN 1V Victory
White Peace Declared
Woodstock Massacre The Continuum vs. GPA Continuum Victory Gpawar2
Wolfpack War MHA & Allies vs. Wolfpack MHA Victory Wolfpackevenpinkercopy
GATO-1V War One Vision and allies vs. GATO, IAA, CSN, USN 1V Victory GATO
Golden Sabres War TORN & Allies vs. Golden Sabres TORN Victory GS
CIS-1V War One Vision vs. CIS One Vision Victory CIS
War of the Coalition NPO & Allies vs. Mushroom Kingdom & Allies NPO & Allies Victory Mk1lw8
NPO-Jarheads War NPO & GGA vs. Jarheads NPO Victory
White Peace Given
War of Armageddon NPO & Allies vs. Karma Defeat Armageddon
Doom House-NPO War NPO & Allies vs. DH, FAN, NoR & Allies Defeat Dhribbon6
Fark-NPO War NPO & Allies vs. Fark, FAN, Sparta & Allies Sparta - Victory
Fark - Victory
FAN - White Peace
Tropic Thunder War NPO & Allies vs. GOD, VE Victory NPO Tropic Thunder
Kaskus-NSO War NPO & NSO vs. Kaskus Victory NPO Kaskus War
Equilibrium War NPO & Allies vs. Umbrella, MW, TOP, VE, Deinos Victory NPO Equilibrium War
War of the Orders NPO & Allies vs. TOP, MI6, NpO, Sparta, Legion, Valhalla, GOONS, Invicta, CoIN, CCC Defeat
White Peace (CCC, CoIN)
NPO War of the Orders ribbon
Doom War NPO & Allies vs. Supernova-X, Invicta, CCC, CRAP, NADC, TTK, LSF, SWF, KoRT, TSC Victory DoomWar
Skyfall War Oculus vs. MI6, TPF, Monsters, Inc., STA Victory SkyfallWar
Invictacide NPO vs. Invicta Victory InvictacideWar
War for Maroon Dominance NPO vs. KoRT Victory WarforMaroonDominance
TPF-NPO War NPO vs. TPF Victory FallofthePhoenix
Sengoku-SPATR War NPO vs. MONGOLS, SPATR, NEW, Kaskus Victory MakeSurrendersGreatAgainWar
Gh0s7busting War Oculus vs. TTK, NADC Victory Gh0s7bustingWar
Neutrality Appreciation War NPO & Allies vs. GPA & Old Guard Victory NeutralityAppreciationWar
Hazardous Materials War NPO & Allies vs. NG Victory

Disputed Outcome of the Great Patriotic War Edit

The outcome of the Great Patriotic War is disputed. Some argue the NPO suffered a defeat, as peace was achieved with an apology from the Order. Other consider GW1 a stalemate, especially members of the New Pacific Order itself. A quote from New Pacific Order member Z'ha'dum explains their reasoning:

"It absolutely was a stalemate. The entire world fought us, they demanded we disband, they demanded we pay reps, they demanded we accept a Viceroy, they demanded all manner of terms and the NPO fought back. In the end, the only "victory" they got out of the NPO was something that cost the NPO nothing. When tallying up the war gains and losses, you cannot put an apology down in the gains column. Furthermore, we did a hell of a lot more damage than we took. We never fell lower in the ranks than any of the CoaLUEition. Legion only was above us for a couple weeks meaning our repair mechanisms were clearly left virtually untouched by the war leaving us in a good strategic position. If the end of the war cost us nothing and gained them nothing, it was a draw, or a stalemate."

However, this has not prevented a large number of individuals and groups from arguing against this perspective, usually pointing out that the apology was part of a surrender term and despite it's leniency it can still be counted as an arguable defeat despite the NPO's later successes. Ivan Moldavi has since however, stated that the NPO did not lose the war, he lost it individually by issuing a personal apology.


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