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Miku Haruna
Background information
BornJanuary 20, 1993 (age 28)
Japan.png Tenri, Nara, Japan
OriginMidwayFlag.png Aldebaran, Sand Island, Midway
GenresJazz, rock, pop, dance, J-pop
OccupationsSinger-songwriter, performance artist, musician, singer
Years active2011 - present

Miku Haruna is a popular Midwayan singer-songwriter. Her popularity was sparked by her debut in Aldebaran on August 11, 2011. Since then she has sold over 500,000 records. She currently holds the record for highest first week record sales in Midway. Her most popular single, Love Words (Ai Kotoba, 愛言葉), entered into Midway's top 10 sales overnight.

History[edit | edit source]

Miku Haruna was born in Tenri, Nara Prefecture, Japan on January 20, 1993. Her mother was a Japanese journalist, and her father a Okinawan Chef. She developed a love for singing at age 5, and became known within her neighborhood for her voice. However her father got a job in Hawaii when she was 16, and she stopped singing in public after this. While in Hawaii she took ESL education due to the fact that she knew absolutely no English and only spoke Japanese and Okinawan, however despite this she never understood English.

When Midway was founded almost immediately she moved to Aldebaran, but still didn't sing in public. In July, 2011, she heard that MHK was trying to find a singer, and she auditioned. She got the job, and her first concert was scheduled to take place on August 11, 2011. The concert was expected to be cancelled after the Nazis took over Midway in the Third Midwayan Civil War. However MHK announced the concert would go on as planned, and her first concert was a huge hit.

Career[edit | edit source]

Miku Haruna is currently Midway's most popular singer, most of her records hitting the top ten most popular records in Midway. Her most notable records and singles are Love Words (single) and World is Mine (album), both of which reached the top 5 most popular records in Midway. Her song, World is Mine, was chosen to be Midway's entry into the Solaris Song Contest 2011.

Most popular singers in Midway are bilingual, and can speak English and a secoond language. However Miku Haruna is the one of very few popular singers in Midway that does not speak English, instead being bilingual in Japanese and Okinawan.

The genres of music she produces are largely Jazz, rock, pop, dance, and J-pop, however she produces music from all genres.


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