Formally Chancellor Mikhail.

Deleted to a new account as of September 19, 2007.

Past Offices and Experience[edit | edit source]

Prussian Federation (PrF) Minister of Recruitment
PrF Vice Chancellor

Nordreich (NoR) Minister of Recruitment
NoR Minister of the Interior
NoR Reichsleiter
NoR Director of Intelligence
NoR Obergruppenfuhrer (Supreme General)
NoR Standartenfuhrer (Division Commander)

New Prussian Reich (NPR) Reichschancellor
NPR Vice-Reichschancellor

Union of Republics (UoR) First Emperor

Maroon Defense Coalition (MDC) Imperial Recruitment Officer
MDC Deputy Supreme General
MDC Emperor (for two hours; in debate)
MDC Imperial Chancellor

Sans Pareil (SP) Director of Finance
SP Senior Government Finance Representative
SP Director of Security

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