Assumed office
25 February 2009
Preceded by AvengerNL
In office
18 March 2008 – 18 May 2008
Preceded by ikMark
Succeeded by MrCyber
In office
8 September 2007 – 16 November 2007
Preceded by ShawnNL
Succeeded by Freek

MikeTheFirst is a prominent politician and member of the Cyber Nations community. Joining Cyber Nations on 7 May 2007 as the ruler of MikeLand, MikeTheFirst quickly became a member of the FOK!-Alliance, attracted by the Dutch community and his membership on the forums. Appointed Minister of Defense on 16 June, MikeTheFirst quickly gained respect in the alliance as a brilliant military strategist.

In September 2007, MikeTheFirst was elected as President of FOK. As president, he led the alliance into Great War IV alongside fellow LEO members R&R and UNION. After withdrawing the alliance from the war, MikeTheFirst remained president until 16 November, when new elections were held (in which MikeTheFirst did not stand for election). Becoming the Presidential Guard to Freek, his successor, MikeTheFirst ran in the March 2008 elections to become President for a second term.

Remaining with the alliance until 6 January 2009, MikeTheFirst left FOK to become a founding triumvir of iFOK (along with arexes and ikMark). While in iFOK, MikeTheFirst was elected to his third term as President of FOK, with the highest percentage of popular vote ever received by a candidate for that position. He returned to FOK to serve as President in late February, after being replaced by ikMark (who himself had been replaced by Spaarlaamp).

The current FOK Presidential term expires in late May 2009; MikeTheFirst did not stand for re-election.

After his third term as president, MikeTheFirst returned to iFOK. He presided over the alliance through times of great change, first by becoming signatory to the Pandora's Box block, he then led the alliance into the PB-NpO war. His last act as triumvir of iFOK was helping to mastermind its merger with Poison clan to become Non Grata.

He is currently triumvir of Non Grata, a long with Arexes and KingXander.

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