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Midwayan People's War
Part of World War IV
Date October 30, 2011 - March 2, 2012
Location State of Midway
Status Chinese and Midwayan People's Army victory, beginning of the Chinese occupation of Midway
MidwayFlag Midwayan People's Army

NationalistPartyMid Nationalist Party of Midway
CPMidway Communist Party of Midway
RedFrontFlag Red Front

BattoutaiFlag Team Drawn Sword
Kaientai Maritime Support Group
LibertyEqualityorDeath Jacobin Party of Midway
LoyaltyBrigadeFlag Loyalty Brigade

SovietUnion SUSR

People's grand republic of china People's Republic of Grand China
Quad states

NorsefireBritain United States of JBR
NaziMidwayFlag Greater Midwayan Empire
MidwayFlag Zabuza Hashimoto
MidwayFlag Ulysses Lee
BattoutaiFlag Franz Seidler
RedFrontFlag Kazuo Ichida
Kaientai Ryōma Mutsu

LibertyEqualityorDeath Jérôme Robespierre
LoyaltyBrigadeFlag Lien Teng-Hui
People's grand republic of china Wang Liu Mei

NorsefireBritain Theresa Vales II
NorsefireBritain Morris Kendell
NorsefireBritain Brian Cervantes
NorsefireBritain Aloise Kruger

The Midwayan People's War was a rebellion that took place in the areas of the former Union of Midway and current State of Midway. The Midwayan People's War started after Theresa Vales II came to power, and subsequently violated multiple parts of a compromise that was made between pro-Midwayan independence protesters and the JBRican government that ended the 2011 Midwayan Independence Protests. Former government officials of the Union of Midway, and leaders of the Red Front, Team Drawn Sword, Nationalist Party of Midway, and Communist Party of Midway met on October 30, 2011 and declared rebellion, subsequently capturing the city of New Atlantis.


On September 12, 2011, the Union of Midway was overthrown by the Council for the Safety of Midway (with the help of the United States of JBR in the overthrow of the Union of Midway and replaced by a government that favored annexation into the United States of JBR. JBR annexed Midway shortly thereafter. Because of the nature of the annexation, many Midwayans desired independence, and eventually gathered to protest in the 2011 Midwayan Independence Protests. A compromise between the protesters and JBRican government ended these protests.

When Theresa Vales II came to power in JBR, she implemented the HONOR Act, which was viewed as a violation of the entire compromise. Under the compromise, the Midwayan government had the right to petition the JBRican government for reparations, however the new JBRican government did not allow this, and didn't give the Midwayans the option to secede (which was also given according to the compromise if the reparations weren't payed), Because of this, former government officials of the Union of Midway, and leaders of the Red Front, Team Drawn Sword, Nationalist Party of Midway, and Communist Party of Midway met on October 30, 2011 and formed the Midwayan People's Army, and then proceeded to declare rebellion.


  • October, 2011
    • October 30: Midwayan People's Army formed, Midwayan People's War begins, New Atlantis captured by rebels.
  • November, 2011
    • November 5: JBRican forces attempt to recapture New Atlantis and fail, they then proceed to subsequently blockade the city.
    • November 16: Maritime Support Group is formed and joins the Midwayan People's Army. Maritime Support Group unsuccessfully tries to run the JBRican blockade.
    • November 18: Forces in New Atlantis surrender, leadership of the Midwayan People's Army escapes to Quarthe.
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