the Midwayan Declaration of War on Armia Wyzwolenia Polska, France, Croatia, and Slovakia is a formal declaration of war issued by the Union of Midway on April 29, 2011. It was announced on 12:00 PM the same day. The Union of Midway declared war on Armia Wyzwolenia Polska (Poland), France, Croatia, and Slovakia in response to assist the Prussian Empire in the Prussian Civil War. Though the State Committee of the Union of Midway spent several hours deliberating before finally deciding on issuing the declaration, in the end it was approved unanimously by the State Committee. The declaration was announced by the Emperor of the Union of Midway, Zabuza Hashimoto, and broadcast on all major Midwayan news networks. Afterward about 10,000 troops were immediately deployed to assist the Prussian Empire.


The Union of Midway has recently established diplomatic relations with the Prussian Empire, and has created a friendship with them.

We are saddened to see that our ally is at war, and to see the rate that this war is even escalating. This war started out as a Civil War, and yet other foreign nations have gotten involved. France declared war on the Prussian Empire in support for the rebels, something that they had no right to do. This was followed by Croatia and Slovakia doing the same. These unprovoked attacks against our ally have resulted in this declaration. The Union of Midway hereby declares war on Armia Wyzwolenia Polska, France, Croatia, and Slovakia. Any nation that declares war on the Prussian Empire during the Prussian Civil War will be counted under the nations that are hostile, and a state of war shall exist between the Union of Midway and any nation that attacks the Prussian Empire during the Prussian Civil War.


Zabuza Hashimoto, Emperor Ulysses Lee, President Zhou Guofeng, Head of OSS Hua Enlai, Head of OCI Yamazaki Shigeru, Chairman of the Legislative Branch Dmitry Gryzlov, Chairman of the Judicial Branch

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