Midwayan Civil War
Part of the History of the Union of Midway
Midwayan soldiers fighting in the Battle of Aldebaran.
Date April 8th, 2011 — April 25th, 2011
Location Union of Midway

Red Front rebel's against the Union of Midway in order to establish a communist state.

Status Ended; Midwayan Armistice signed; Minor Conflicts continue (see Post-Armistice Conflicts)
South Africa Union of Midway
JBR Flag United States of JBR
RedFrontFlag Red Front
RedFrontFlag Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
South Africa Zabuza Hashimoto
South Africa Zhou Guofeng
South Africa Hua Enlai
South Africa Franz Seidler
RedFrontFlag Daniel Bullock
RedFrontFlag George Taketa
52,210 20,000-30,000
Casualties and losses
8,652 killed
727 injured
8 missing
6,305 killed
514 injured
6 missing

The Midwayan Civil War was a conflict between the Union of Midway and a paramilitary organization known as the Red front. On April 8, 2011, the Red Front declared war on the Union of Midway, starting the Midwayan Civil War. Simultaneously, the Red Front attacked Aldebaran, Eastern City, Sand Islet City, and Kure City. The Red Front also secured control over part of the Far Eastern Territory.


The Red Front is a communist paramilitary organization in the Union of Midway and is considered part of the Communist Party of Midway. The Red Front was founded by George Taketa, the Chairman of the Communist Party of Midway, and Daniel Bullock, a great speaker who became the key to a rise in membership of the Communist Party of Midway, on March 21, 2011. The goal of the Red Front originally was to spread the communist ideology to all of Midway. Daniel Bullock became the leader of the Red Front, and on the same day the Red Front was formed, he declared war on the pro-AIL forces of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR, accusing them of waging a "war against the proletariat".

On March 27, 2011, the Red Front took part in the Battle of Hope City. In the battle a terrorist organization known as the National Revolutionary Front (Fronte Nazionale Rivoluzionario, commonly referred to as FNR) attacked Hope City, a city in the Far Eastern Territory of Midway. They secured control of the city from FNR, but refused to return control of the city to the Union of Midway. This caused tensions to arise between the two parties. The Red Front returned control of Hope City to the Union of Midway on March 28, 2011, thus getting rid of the source of the tenstions. However this damaged relations between the Union of Midway and the Red Front.

On April 8, 2011, the government of the United States of JBR was overthrown by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of JBR. The new government supported the pro-AIL forces in the Jihad War of the United States of JBR. Thus one of Midway's stronger allies had changed their positions, and the Red Front declared war on the Union of Midway assuming that JBR wouldn't support Midway because of the outbrake of the JBRican Civil War. In the declaration of war issued by the Red Front it states:

... as such we, the Red Front, will no longer tolerate the current government of Midway. The proletariat will suffer no longer! With JBR no longer your ally, who will you ask for help now? ...

On April 24, 2011, the United States of JBR declared war on the Red Front soon after the JBRican Civil War ended.


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