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Midnight Order
Team Color Orange team Orange
Founded August 23rd
International relations
  • ODP with Equal Rights Alliance
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Midnight Order is a new alliance, they started out on Sunday August 23, it was late in the evening when I decided to tell LRA KING of my alliance idea and how I planned on starting it in December, LRA KING got mad and I was kicked out of World Federation. the time seemed right to start the alliance then and there so I did. My first member was Razorade, he was the most helpful person I have ever seen, always asking if I needed help and always doing the best for the alliance. the next day he brought up something about getting a protectorate, instantly I thought VE. sadly they couldn't have it done that day, I looked at several alliances but they all turned me down. that's when I ran into GATO they happily accepted me and after 3 or 4 days MO became GATO's protectorate.We are a democratic triumvirate type of alliance when it comes to government, and we are and alliance that plays to be #1 and win.


Presedent: Leaderofamerica
Vice Presedent: Mreds7162, Kc Ty Flick
Imperial Regents: Mreds716, Kc Ty Flick
Council: leaderofamerica - mreds716 - kc ty flick
Minister of Foreign Affairs: leaderofamerica
Minister of Internal Affairs: Kc Ty Flick
Minister of Recruitment: Kc Ty Flick
Minister of Defense:Leaderofamerica'