Microalliances, also known as Micros, are alliances that are so small that they may not be considered legitimate sovereign entities. There is no clear definition of a microalliance, but any with fewer than 20 members or 150,000 total nation strength could be at risk.

Hostility on microalliancesEdit

It has been the debate of many members on the member count which permits tech raiding and attack without retaliation, activation of MDP's or consideration by other members of Cyberverse. There have been many attacks by large alliances on "micro alliances" which have ended in the damaging of the attacking alliances reputations.

League of MicrosEdit

Founded on February 11th of 2018.

Motto: "We may not have a lot together, but together we have a lot"

The League of Micros is a school of thought within the Cyberverse that teaches the belief in Micro Activism.

League of Micros

Micro Activism (µ)

  • LoM acts as an open space for Micros to mingle and resolve conflicts together. It is not a military bloc or political platform, but rather, it is an idea.
  • Using Discord and any other tool available, Micros will inherit Planet Bob.
  • LoM promotes the use of a 1 round code of honor among Micros to prevent new players from leaving the game. Noobs- fun to troll, not to roll!
  • Sensible warring is encouraged among Micros, in order to break their bonds as tech slaves to Macro alliances. Most Macros only care about hording tech. This leads to treaty whoring and eventually- the decline in activity. Micro Activism is the key to keeping the game alive. Micro Activism = Micro Renaissance.

Micro Activism ranges from seeking to abolish tech deals lower than 9/100- to uniting the micros under one ideal, and anything in between.

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