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Official Flag of Michaelberg

National Flag
Capitalism and Technology at their Finest
Capital City Durham
Official Language(s) English
Established 10/23/2008
(4,661 days old)
Government Type Democracy.png Democracy
Ruler Blitzkreig1010
Alliance Aqua Defense Initiative
Aqua Defense Initiative
AllianceStats.gifIcon rankings.pngWorld.pngIcon war.pngIcon aid.pngIcon spy.png
Nation Team Team: Aqua Aqua
Statistics as of December 21st, 2009
Total population 78,398
 58,398 civilians
 20,000 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100.00%
Religion None None
Currency Euro Euro
Infrastructure 6,099.99
Technology 1,400.00
Nation Strength 37,907.852
Nation Rank 4,858 of 5,242 (92.67%)
Total Area 2,494.900 Nation Map
Native Resources Pigs.GIF Rubber.GIF
Connected Resources Aluminum.GIF Coal.GIF Gold.GIF Iron.GIF Lead.GIF Lumber.GIF Marble.GIF Oil.GIF Pigs.GIF Rubber.GIF Water.GIF Wheat.GIF
Bonus Resources Steel.GIF Automobile.GIF Beer.GIF Construction.GIF Microchips.GIF Radiation.GIF Asphalt.GIF Scholar.GIF

Michaelberg is a medium sized, well developed, and aging nation at 424 days old with citizens primarily of Caucasian ethnicity who follow no religion. Its technology is first rate and its citizens marvel at the astonishing advancements within their nation. Its citizens pay extremely high taxes and many despise their government as a result. The citizens of Michaelberg work diligently to produce Pigs and Rubber as tradable resources for their nation. It is a mostly neutral country when it comes to foreign affairs. It will usually only attack another nation if attacked first. It believes nuclear weapons are necessary for the security of its people. The military of Michaelberg has been positioned at all border crossings and is arresting all drug traffickers. Michaelberg allows its citizens to protest their government but uses a strong police force to monitor things and arrest lawbreakers. It has an open border policy, but in order for immigrants to remain in the country they will have to become citizens first. Michaelberg detains individuals who participate in slanderous comments about the government. The government gives foreign aid when it can, but looks to take care of its own people first. Michaelberg will not make deals with another country that has a history of inhuman treatment of its citizens.

A History of Michaelberg[]

The Revolt and Independence[]

In the not so distant past, a young military enthusiast named Mike Guderian was a student at one of the most prestigious military colleges in the world, West Point. He was a good student with a high GPA and great abilities in military strategy. But over the years, he became the subject of a lot of criticism from his professors. Being interested in the Second World War, Mike Guderian believed in the use of WWII strategies, especially the Blitzkrieg, but a lot of his professors believed it was an obsolete strategy that only resulted in disaster. One professor, dislike the strategy and this student so much, he ensured that the student was kicked out of the prestigious college.

A tank operated by a Michaelberg Patriot during the fight for independence

Full of bitterness and resentment, Mike Guderian made a promise to himself that he would get back at his professor and show him that the Blitzkrieg was far from obsolete. Years passed and Mike Guderian became the Chief Financial Officer for a major company on Bay Street which came to be known as Michaelberg Enterprises. Michaelberg Enterprises was a curious company that did a substantial amount of work for the American Military in developing new and more advanced tanks and aircraft. Many thought that Mike Guderian was accomplishing his dreams of becoming a successful businessman, but to him, it was only a simple stepping stone. Once his company had massed enough public support and money in the city of New York, he announced that he was officially creating a new nation called Michaelberg and New York City, which was now to be called Durham, was going to be its capital.

Of course, the United States was not too happy with this news and declared war on the new sovereign nation of Michaelberg. Luckily for Michaelberg however, the company on which the nation was built on had made many integral connections during it's time and was given aid in the form of supplies and troops from numerous nations including Canada, Finland, Japan and China. The war was quick, but bloody with General Guderian at the lead commanding his troops against the unfortunate American forces. The end result, was a huge victory for the new nation of Michaelberg using a combination of luck and the use of the Blitzkrieg. For his strategic brilliance, Mike Guderian's nickname was born and he was forever known as 'Blitzkreig1010'.

Of course, the 'Blitzkreig' part of his nickname was from his love for the World War II strategy, but it is spelt incorrectly because that was always the way he had spelt it. The '1010' part however came from the war itself. Despite the United States suffering more than 250,000 casualties along with 500,000 prisoners, the nation of Michaelberg only suffered 1010 casualties all together. For this remarkable feat, he decided to add that to his nickname.

Then, with the war finally over the nation of Michaelberg was finally free from US tyranny and was formally created on October 23, 2008. Upon the nation's creation, its new leader, General Blitzkreig1010, was bombarded by several alliances asking for him and his new nation to join their ranks. While sifting through all of these requests, some offering money and some offering protection, one alliance caught his eye. The name of the alliance was The Democratic Order and it said that its chief aim was to remain neutral and offered peace and friendship. Despite being a war enthusiast at heart, he decided that there was enough bloodshed in his nation and needed peace to survive. Therefore, Blitzkreig1010 organized a meeting with one of the TDOs members, Kev the Great, and made all the necessary arrangements.

Michaelberg and The Democratic Order[]

Upon Michaelberg's induction into the alliance, they were greeted with open arms by many of TDO's members. Michaelberg and their leader finally felt at home. After reading over some articles in the nation school and receiving some of the amazing grants in the Ministry of Finance, Blitz decided it was time to get some worthwhile trades through a trade circle. Blitz always knew the needs of his people and was correct in thinking that it would be worthwhile to get automobiles, construction, asphalt, radiation cleanup and microchips. Not knowing the work that was ahead, Blitz opened a trade circle and started the tireless search for trading partners. After almost a month of searching, and $3 Million in bribes, Blitz had finally gotten the resources he required. Seeing how much of a pain it was to create trade circles and to find trading partners, Blitz vowed that he would do anything he could to make trading within the The Democratic Order easier for future and current members. So, with that in mind, Blitz began his work in the Ministry of Finance as Kev the Great's Deputy.

Blitzkreig1010 did all that he could with any of the free time he had and was met with some success and made the Department of Trades a little more organized. Luckily for him, some of the senior members of the alliance were watching his progress and approved. And so, Blitzkreig1010 of Michaelberg became a Low Senator of The Democratic Order on December 16, 2008. Upon hearing this news, the people of Michaelberg partied in the streets and everyone in the nation was glad to see their leader was doing so much for them.

As months passed in the country of Michaelberg, the President of Michaelberg continued his work in the Ministry of Finance and things progressed just as the President hoped it would. Then, in late January, following the elections for the following term, Blitzkreig1010 was given the position of Minister of Finance in The Democratic Order. Things couldn't look any better for Michaelberg and their leader as the nation was accomplishing more than they ever dreamed of. During his time as Minister, Blitzkreig1010 introduced to the Senate of The Democratic Order the idea of separating the Department of Trade from the Ministry and making it it's own entity. After much debating between fellow members over the necessary charter amendments, this idea was passed and the Ministry of Trade was born. Following this great accomplishment however, President Blitzkreig1010's father, whom he was very close to, passed away due to workplace injury. This greatly hurt the leader of Michaelberg and subsequently resigned from his position of Minister of Finance. These were tough times for Michaelberg as their leader needed time to think about his life and his accomplishments. A few months later however, when Blitzkreig1010's life was back in check, the President vowed to his people that he would not allow this to happen again.

Michaelberg's Massive Growth[]

During all of the above events, Michaelberg was still going through a massive growth program that was being held by The Democratic Order. Known only as the Advance Growth Program, it was a program that was designed to allow hard working nations in The Democratic Order the chance to go through massive growth in order to give back to the community that had done so much for them. Michaelberg was fortunate to be one of the nations designated to participate in Round Two of the program. So, after 40 days of continuous aid and help from more experienced nations, Michaelberg went through the program and doubled in size as a result, bringing many new opportunities. Before the program, Michaelberg was a tech seller to nations outside The Democratic Order, following the program however, Michaelberg was now large enough to be a tech buyer, something that Michaelberg had always dreamed. Before the program, Michaelberg was taking advantage of The Democratic Order's many grants, after the program however, Michaelberg now gives grant money to new and smaller nations. The Advanced Growth Program was definitely something that the people of Michaelberg, along with their leader, will never forget.

Michaelberg's Leader Goes Back to Work[]

Coming back to official work in The Democratic Order after his time away, Blitzkreig1010 immediately began working in the new Ministry of Trade under the direction of Orionsway. When the next round of elections came around, and Orionsway announced that he was leaving The Democratic Order, someone nominated Michaelberg's leader for the now vacant Minister of Trade position. With no one else taking the position, Blitzkreig1010 decided to take go for the position and he was elected the 2nd Minister of Trade in The Democratic Order's history.

Michaelberg Officially Resigns from The Democratic Order[]

Following just a single term as Minister of Trade, the leader of Michaelberg began to experience a lot of difficulty with his fellow alliance members and began to feel that the alliance was simply creating a hostile environment for his nation and his people. The Democratic Order became a hot bed for political backlash with many high ranking members leaving to go elsewhere. Feeling that he and his nation were no longer a part a wonderful alliance like The Democratic Order used to be, discussions on Michaelberg's future home began to be discussed. Many alliances were thrown into the discussions in the government, some that were more technology driven, some that were more militaristic. After weeks of debate in the government, and meeting with members of various other alliances, the Blitzkreig1010 administration made the decision to move to a fellow aqua alliance known as 'Argent'.

Despite being a much smaller alliance with only 70 members, Argent was a tight-knit group of very strong members compared to those at The Democratic Order. Immediately, Blitzkreig1010 felt that he had made the correct decision and discussions with fellow Argent members began to make Michaelberg more prepared for the militaristic setting to come now that they were no longer neutral. Since Michaelberg's induction into Argent, the nation felt a major increase in the size and power of their military. Besides simply increasing the number of military personnel in the Michaelberg Expeditionary Forces, the Armoured Core was doubled and Michaelberg finally acquired both a high grade Air Force and Navy. Of all its militaristic purchases however, Michaelberg's largest improvement in military came with its purchase of 20 nuclear warheads that were placed in high security areas throughout the nation. With all these militaristic improvements, Michaelberg changed from the peaceful giant it once was and turned into a large military machine that would be ready for war at a moments notice.

After just 100 days of being in Argent, Michaelberg had changed greatly for the better, but turmoil was being created amongst the government. Many members of government, upon hearing about the creation of the Aqua Defense Initiative by one of Michaelberg's most loyal of allies, John Warbuck, believed that Michaelberg belonged in that alliance and owed them to join and help them with the alliance's creation. After some discussions with the alliances Lord High Sentinel, John Warbuck, it was made official that Michaelberg would once again be changing alliances to join their ranks. Immediately, Michaelberg was welcomed with open arms by ADI's membership as many of them had remembered their leader from the old Democratic Order days and Blitzkreig1010 immediately felt at home.

Michaelberg's Government[]

Being a mostly democratic government, most of the major positions found in the Michaelberg government are determined through a vote by Michaelberg citizens and military personnel. The only position in the Michaelberg government that is not democratic is the position for the President of the nation which is currently held by the founder of Michaelberg, Blitzkreig1010. It has been decided however, that once Blitzkreig1010 passes away or no longer wants the position, the position of President will also be decided democratically for now on.

There are many ministries in the Michaelberg Government all of which are headed by minister's that are voted upon by Michaelberg citizen's every 5 years and can hold their positions for a maximum of 15 years if re-elected. All ministers, along with persons holding the seats of President and Vice-President, must also represent a political party and each party must limit the number of candidates to one per position. Currently, there are three political parties in Michaelberg and they are the Capitalist Party of Michaelberg, the Socialist Party of Michaelberg and the Michaelberg Green Party. At this current time, Michaelberg's Government Body consists of the following people:

  • President: Michael Guderian (Blitzkreig1010)
  • Vice-President: Richard Gregory - Capitalist Party

Within Michaelberg, there are also many organizations owned by the government that are headed by notable Michaelberg natives and they are the following:

  • Head of the Bank of Michaelberg (BoM): Dr. Christina Williams
  • Head of the Michaelberg Research Institute (MRI): Dr. William Percival
  • Head of the Michaelberg Intelligence Agency (MIA): Director George Samson
  • General of the Michaelberg Armed Forces (MAF): Field Marshal David Mason

Services Offered by Michaelberg[]

Within the nation of Michaelberg, Blitzkreig1010 and his government have brought in a lot of different improvements that have helped greatly in it's growth and welfare. These improvements range in function whether it be to help the nation economically, help citizens with education and healthcare, or help make citizens happier.

Economic Improvements[]

Financial Institutions[]

Ever since the conseption of Michaelberg, Blitzkreig1010 has always known the importance of banking and financial institutions when it comes to economic growth. In order to fulfill the need of banking in this glorious nation, there are currently five banking corporations operating in Michaelberg all with a fairly equal market share. The five banking establishments currently operating in Michaelberg are BlitzBank Inc., Michaelberg Financial, Michaelberg United Banking, Commercial Banking Limited and the Bank of Michaelberg. Of these five banks, only one is owned by the government and that is the 'Bank of Michaelberg' which is simply used for the control of currency through the use of fiscal and monetary policies.

The Manufacturing Sector[]

Another important set of economic improvements that can be found in the glorious nation of Michaelberg are major factories that manufacture goods for both Michaelberg citizens and abroad. These factories build a large variety of products for the sale inside and out of the country and are the following:

A car manufacturing plant in Michaelberg producing Toyota's brand new line of vehicles.

The first factory to be set up in Michaelberg is a car manufacturing plant for Toyota. Using the Rubber from rubber plants around Michaelberg and importing other materials from fellow aqua team members, this plant is mainly responsible for the construction of motor vehicles. This plant has become world renown around the world for its successful use of lean manufacturing and has become one of the most efficient plants in the world.

The second factory to be set up in Michaelberg is a food processing plant for Michaelberg native, Blitz Corporation. Using pigs farmed around the country, this plant prepares and ships some of the best meat products in the area. Starting off a local operation in Michaelberg, Blitz Corporation has become world renown for its quality meat products and now exports to nations around Planet Bob.

The third factory to be set in Michaelberg is a brewery for yet another Michaelberg native, Blitz Beer. Using only imported products like Aluminum, Wheat, Water and Lumber this brewery is new to the market and has already become world renown for its smooth taste and drinkability. Despite keeping most of its exports to border nations, Blitz Beer's largest customer is none other than the New Aligned States under the command of John Warbuck, a fellow TDO Low Senator.

The fourth factory to be set up in Michaelberg is a sports equipment manufacturing plant for Mission. Using only imported products, this factory has become one of the largest factories in Mission's arsenal for producing its fantastic line of hockey equipment. This factory's main function is to produce the custom equipment for major hockey stars in the local professional league.

The fifth and final factory to be set up in Michaelberg is a munitions plant for Colt Corporation. Despite being in a neutral alliance, Michaelberg and it's president Blitzkreig1010 have been given permission to set up the munitions plant in order to sell the necessary arms and ammunition to fellow TDO members in order to better defend the alliance as a whole.

Labour Camps[]

Another set of improvements that Michaelberg has been fortunate to attain are Labour Camps. These have been integral to the growth of Michaelberg as they help to mitigate the costs of the infrastructure used to run Michaelberg smoothly. The 3 corporations that own three-fifths of these labour camps are Michaelberg Labour Coporation, Labour Limited, and Blitz Labour and Maintenance Inc. The remaining two labour camps are owned publically by the Ministry of Infrastructure under the command of MoI Herald Welland.

Publically Owned Improvements[]


Another aspect of Michaelberg that both citizens and government officials alike are proud of is the healthcare that has been set up by the Blitzkreig1010 government. Under Blitzkreig1010's rule, there have been 5 public clinics and 1 public hospital set up all of which require no payment for health services rendered to Michaelberg residents. Tourists and other visitors are also able to receive these health benefits if the required paper work is filled out and sent to a Michaelberg government agency prior to their visit.


The education system of Michaelberg is world renowned already for having one of the highest literacy rates on Planet Bob. This success must be attributed to the opening of 5 publically owned schools that have some of the best teachers in the world. These schools are also known for their low student to teacher ratios, high quality learning environments and technologically advanced equipment. Also, in order to higher the number of highly educated workers in Michaelberg's worker force, Blitzkreig1010 has opened two new universities that are already falling into the world spotlight. They are the following.

The first university is known as the University of Michaelberg, or UofMB for short. This is the larger of the two post-secondary educational facilities that offers academically based programs ranging from Commerce to Nuclear Engineering. This university is also widely know for having one of the greatest medical and law schools in the world with very small student to professor ratios. Currently, there are approximately 4,593 students enrolled at the UofMB.

The second university is known as Michaelberg Institute of Technology, or MBIT for short. This is the smaller of the two post-secondary educational facilities which offers more hands-on learning for more applied jobs found in Michaelberg. This university is widely known for its use of advanced technology and getting students prepared for the equipment they will be used in their future jobs. Currently, there are approximately 2,969 students enrolled at MBIT.

Police Departments[]

In order to keep law and order within the borders of Michaelberg, Blitzkreig1010 also set up an elaborate and very efficient Police Force which had 5 Police Headquarters found throughout the nation. Under the control of the Michaelberg Chief of Police, Samuel Bright, the Michaelberg Police Force has become one of the best police forces on Planet Bob. Within the Michaelberg Police Force (MPF), there are approximately 1,000 police officers, 350 squad cars, 10 police helicopters, 5 K9 Units and 100 Michaelberg Elite Police Officers (MEPO).

Recreation Improvements[]


Being a sports enthusiast himself, Blitzkreig1010 felt it was necessary for Michaelberg morale that they had some sports leagues set up for their enjoyment. In order to facilitate these new sports, Blitzkreig1010 and his government funded the construction of 5 enormous stadiums, all of which for ice hockey, and many smaller owns that would facilitate other sports. These five stadiums were also given their own teams that would face each other in what was to be known as the Michaelberg Professional Hockey League, or MPHA for short. The five teams, and there affiliated stadium are as follows:

Michaelberg's most expensive stadium, the Blitz Dome, home of the Durham Maple Leafs.

The first stadium, which was built in the capital of Michaelberg, Durham, was to be known as the Blitz Dome and is the home of the Durham Maple Leafs. Since the start of league play months earlier, they are currently the best of the teams in the MPHA with an undefeated season. They are also the richest team in the MPHA as they have a sold-out crowd every game and also sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise. Since this team's creation, 12 players and 2 goalies have been elevated to the National Hockey League.

The second stadium, which was built in the coastal city of Pickering was to be known as the Blitz Beer Arena (after their sponsor) and is the home of the Pickering Spitfire. Since the start of league play months earlier, they are currently in third place behind the Maple Leafs and the Ridgebacks. This team has a fair following and has had 3 players elevated to the National Hockey League.

The third stadium, which was built in Michaelberg's most industrious city, Oshawa, was to be known as the Blitz Corp. Centre (after their sponsor) and is the home to the Oshawa Ridgebacks. Since the start of league play months earlier, they are currently in second place only behind the Maple Leafs and this team has had 6 players elevated to the National Hockey League.

The fourth stadium, which was also built in the city of Oshawa, was to be known as Oshawa Place and is the home to the Oshawa Battalion. Since the start of the season, they are currently in last place and they have very little following compared to other teams. There have been discussions by General Managers to move this team to another city or having them taken out of the MPHA.

The fifth and final stadium, which was built in the city of Niagara was to be known as the MPHA Central Arena and is the home to the Niagara Knights. Since the start of the season, they are currently in second last, only ahead of the Oshawa Battalion. Since Niagara is far away from any of the other MPHA teams, they still receive a fair following and have been known to sell-out most games. They have had 1 player, James Hanovit, elevated to the National Hockey League.

Religious Centres (Churches)[]

This pie chart shows the final results of the Michaelberg Religious Opinion Vote 2009.

Despite Blitzkreig1010 not being a religious man himself, he decided that it would be important to Michaelberg morale if he instituted the construction of five major churches within major Michaelberg cities. Upon hearing this, Michaelberg's population was enthusiastic at the prospect of new churches giving them a place to pray and worship their respective gods. So, in order to be most effective, Blitzkreig1010 decided to hold a national vote on what religions should be practiced in the five new churches. The way the vote worked was that for every 20% of the vote a religion gained, they would have one church built for their own religion (For example, if Voodoo attained 60% of the vote, they would have 3 major churches built for their worship specifically). As the pie chart shows, the final result showed an overwhelming number of Christians within the Michaelberg population, and so 3 of the major churches (one in Durham, one in Oshawa and one in Pickering) were built for Christians. The next largest religion was found to be Judaism, so there was 1 synagogue built in the city of Peterborough. The final church was more difficult to determine what religion would be practiced as all the remaining religions received a fairly even part of the vote. So, under direct orders from Blitzkreig1010 himself, the final church was to be used for all the remaining religions in Michaelberg. There would be a section for Islams, a section for Buddhists and a section for Hindus.

Military Improvements[]

Intelligence Agencies[]

Like many of the more developed nations on Planet Bob, Michaelberg has many institutions within it's borders that work on espionage and counter-espionage activities. In Michaelberg's case, there are 5 Intelligence Agencies that are working around the clock to gain information on possible enemies and to protect some of the nation's deepest and darkest military secrets. The 5 Intelligence Agencies are named MBI-1, MBI-3, MBI-4, MBCI-CB and MBCI-SS.

MBI-1, also known as Michaelberg Intelligence 1st Division, is mostly responsible for intelligence gathering in potential enemy states. This was the first division of the Intelligence Agency to be set up as President Blitzkreig1010 believed that it would be of utmost importance that this agency was created, especially as Michaelberg grew in both population and technological advancement. This intelligence agency has not been employed against any state in particular at this moment in time, as it is against the TDO's policy, but the agency has determined strategies to infiltrate enemy states when the need arises.

MBI-3, also known as Michaelberg Intelligence 3rd Division, is one of the two divisions of the Michaelberg Intelligence Agency that work co-operatively with The Democratic Order. Following the establishment of MBI-1, Blitzkreig1010 believed that the nation would benefit from donating intelligence personnel to The Democratic Order as it seemed that the alliance as a whole needed their services more that Michaelberg itself. At this current moment, MBI-3 works for the Secret Police Division of The Democratic Order, whom are responsible for the detection of nations who are flying TDO AA without authorization, which are known as ghosts. Under the Michaelberg Intelligence Act however, if war is instigated against Michaelberg, both MBI-3 and MBI-4 will need to report back to Michaelberg and run under the government once again.

MBI-4, also known as Michaelberg Intelligence 4th Division, is the sister division on MBI-3 and was also sent to work with The Democratic Order as long as Michaelberg was in peace. This division, similar to it's sister MBI-3, works with the Secret Police Division of The Democratic Order and is involved and informing 'Ghost Nations' that they will need to apply for membership if they want to continue to fly TDO Alliance Affiliation. As mentioned earlier, this division will need to report back to Michaelberg in the case of war under the Michaelberg Intelligence Act.

MBCI-CB, also known as Michaelberg Counter Intelligence Codebreakers Division, is the first of the two counter-intelligence agencies to be set up in Michaelberg. Realizing that counter-intelligence was just as important as espionage, Blitzkreig1010 decided to set up two counter-intelligence agencies that would be responsible for ensuring that no military or technological secrets were stolen by incoming spies. So, the first division that was formed of this nature was the Codebreakers Division, which is unknown to the civilian population and requires the highest security clearance. This division, as shown in it's name, is responsible for breaking any codes that enemy spies or militaries may be using for communication purposes. Despite not needing to use their services yet, this division is currently training personnel to code breaking techniques.

MBCI-SS, also known as Michaelberg Counter Intelligence Spy Security Division, is the second counter-intelligence agency to be set up in Michaelberg. As shown in its name, this division specializes in not only finding and capturing enemy spies found within Michaelberg's borders, but also in their interrogation. Despite not capturing any spies at this moment of time, this division is on constant alert and is always on the search for suspicious persons.

Missile Defence Structures[]

With Michaelberg growing in size, the defence of Michaelberg has become a very important to the Blitzkreig1010 administration. So, in order to improve the defences of Michaelberg, Blitzkreig1010 has constructed a few Missile Defence Structures in order to defend Michaelberg's major cities from Cruise Missile attacks. As of this moment in time, Blitzkreig1010 has constructed two Missile Defence Structures, but the plan is for Michaelberg to have a total of five structures in order to have missile defence capabilities in all of Michaelberg's major cities.

The first Missile Defence Structure to be constructed is found in Michaelberg's capital, Durham and is known as the Durham Missile Defence Fortress. Costing the Michaelberg government $90,000, this structure will help defend the city of Durham from any incoming cruise missiles. Located just five kilometres from the Michaelberg Government District, DMDF houses a vast array of Missile Defence equipment, approximately 1,500 Michaelberg soldiers and has the ability to house 12,500 Michaelberg citizens in the event a cruise missile is launched.

The second Missile Defence Structure to be constructed is found in another major Michaelberg city, Oshawa and is known as the Oshawa Missile Defence Fortress. Costing the Michaelberg government approximately $90,000, this structure will help defend the city of Oshawa from any and all incoming cruise missiles. Found directly in the city centre, OMDF houses all the necessary equipment for destroying enemy cruise missiles, 1,000 Michaelberg soldiers and has the ability to house 10,000 Michaelberg citizens in the event Oshawa is the target of enemy cruise missile attacks.

Special Events[]

Dealing With GreenPeace[]

On March 4, 2009, Michaelberg was confronted by members of Green Peace asking if the government would institute a holiday to remind people of how important the environment is. After discussing with his ministers and his cabinet, Blitzkreig1010 decided to deny Green Peace's request for a national holiday and instead gave a speech to his people saying how work should come before the environment. This speech was met with resounding success as Michaelberg's economy surged with a $2.00 increase in income.

A Trade Affair[]

On March 17, 2009, President Blitzkreig1010 was approached by his Minister of Foreign Affairs concerning a plan that would boost Michaelberg's trade relations with a bordering nation. According to the minister, if they were to build a new trade route through a forest on the nation's border to the neighbouring nation, this would increase foreign relations. On the other hand however, the people of the nearby towns loved the forest that was going to be the home of the trade route and would be deeply saddened if it were to be eliminated. So, after thinking about it, Blitzkreig1010 decided to not build the trade route through the forest as the needs of his people were to be brought before the needs of foreign nations. The concerned populace was happy to hear Blitzkreig1010's final decision and it made their lives better in the long run.

The Opening of the Stock Market[]

On March 18, 2009, a brand new stock market, to be known as the Michaelberg Stock Exchange (MBSX), was finally completed. The project instituted by the Blitzkreig1010 administration cost approximately $30,000,000 of the government's budget but President Blitzkreig1010 assured the population that the benefits for the nation economically will offset any costs incurred through the stock market's construction. It is projected by analysts in the Ministry of Economics that the new stock market will increase the gross income of Michaelberg's working citizens by $10.00.

The Death of the Minister of Economics[]

On March 26, 2009, the Blitzkreig1010 administration sadly announced that their well respected Minister of Economics, Barbara Hopkins of the Capitalist Party, died today of a stroke and that a vote will need to be held in order to replace her. After the quick election, Michelle Travis of the Capitalist Party, previously CFO of Blitz Corporation, was selected as new Minister of Economics. Her election to the position heightened citizen confidence and has increased the wages of Michaelberg working citizens by $2.00.

Michaelberg Makes Top 100 in TDO[]

As of April 15, 2009, Michaelberg has reached a new high in nation strength as shown by their recent induction into The Democratic Order's Top One Hundred Nations. With the recent increase in both technological development and infrastructure, Michaelberg has turned into a large nation that is considered to be one of the largest in the alliance of over 550 members. Michaelberg citizens paraded in the streets at this announcement and Blitzkreig1010 made a brief speech congratulating his citizens for all their work making this nation as great as it can be.

Social Security System and a Tax Hike[]

April 20, 2009 was a glorious day for Michaelberg as Michaelberg's President, Blitzkreig1010, announced in his monthly speech that they would be introducing a Social Security System. Costing the government approximately $40,000,000, this new program is going to assist Michaelberg's growing senior population cope with their retirement. Coupled with this announcement, Blitzkreig1010 announced that income taxes would be increased by two percent to 30% from the 28% that Michaelberg citizens were used to paying. Citizens showed no anger in the announcement of the tax hike however, because they were too overjoyed by the prospect of having a secure retirement.

Michaelberg Announces Neutrality Along With TDO[]

On April 21, 2009, the President of Michaelberg announced that the sovereign nation would be neutral when it comes to the World War that has plagued Planet Bob. This has come to no surprise however, as all nations of The Democratic Order announced their neutrality on the same day. All the same, Michaelberg's citizens had a sigh of relief that they would not have to partake in the bloody conflict that is to come.

Government Builds Interstate System[]

On May 28, 2009, the Minister of Infrastructure announced that the Blitzkreig1010 Administration is going to construct a well-developed Interstate System for the nation of Michaelberg. Costing the government approximately $45,000,000, the newly developed Interstate System will help the nation of Michaelberg not only maintain its current infrastructure but will decrease the cost of Infrastructure for the future.

Government funds the construction of Great Structures[]

In the two months following the construction of the Interstate System, the Blitzkreig1010 Administration decided that it was time to make some great structures in his memory. For that reason the government began the construction of not only a Great Monument but also a Great Temple costing approximately $70,000,000 to construct.

Michaelberg Turning to Militaristic Technologies[]

With the veil of neutrality removed, the Michaelberg government decided that the nation was very poorly outfitted in terms of their military and predicted that, in the time of an attack, Michaelberg would be vulnerable and many of their citizens would die unnecessarily. Therefore, in order to counteract this, the Michaelberg government made a formal announcement to the public that they were going to be making huge changes to their military in both the technology that they had available to them and it's sheer size. Besides the introducing of a significant armored force, navy and air force, the Blitzkreig1010 administration made the announcement that they were going to fund a $170,000,000 military project, the largest the government had ever undertaken, which would work on the development of nuclear technology and a satellite system to defend from incoming nuclear warheads.

Michaelberg At War[]

For the first time since the revolt of Michaelberg from the United States of America, the Michaelberg people were officially at war, targeting the nation of Tanks a Lot as a result of an order from the Aqua Defense Initiative Government. Despite being a short war for both involved, it was a costly one with heavy casualties on either side. For the nation of Tanks a Lot however, it was far too great of casualties as they had to declare defeat in light of Michaelberg's relentless attacks. Following countless ground attacks, multiple bombings and dog fights, a great number of launched cruise missiles and even a nuclear warhead, Michaelberg was able to was that they were successful in their first war as a nation. As of now, the casualty count for this short lived war are 87,393 dead for Tanks a Lot, and 34,307 dead Michaelberg citizens. Other notable information includes the loss of 290.33 infrastructure and 67.34 technology by the enemy while Michaelberg only lost a quarter of that.