Earthly Heaven

Capital City Mazel Tov
Demonym Jewish
Established 3/18/2008
(4,357 days old)
Government Type Communist Communist
Ruler Salmia
Nation Team White team White
Statistics as of July 8, 2012
Soldiers 37,529 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Judaism Judaism
Total casualties 1,669,283
 588,044 attacking
 1,081,239 defending
Infrastructure 5,948.28
Technology 6,406.71
Nation Strength 61,353.603
Efficiency 39.00
Total Area 943.068 Earth icon
War/Peace War Currently at war!
Nuclear Weapons Nuke 25 nukes
Native Resources Aluminum Rubber
Connected Resources
Aluminum Coal Gold Iron Lead Lumber Marble Oil Rubber Silver Spices Uranium
Bonus Resources Steel Automobile Construction Microchips Radiation Asphalt Scholar

Salmia or more commonly known as Mia has been a longtime figure in both the TOOL and IRON alliances. She joined Cyber Nations in March 2008 at the behest of her friend from Cyber Citizens and longtime TOOL leader Grahamkeatley. She became known as Mia due to Graham misspelling her name as Salami on IRC when he was introducing her to TOOL. After that other TOOL members tried giving her a nickname and she chose Mia "before I got stuck with an unfortunate one".

Early historyEdit


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IRON v2Edit






Award Name Description
DHribbon2 DH-NPO War Pacifican ally ribbon Awarded by the New Pacific Order to all alliances fighting alongside their coalition during the Doom House-NPO War.

War historyEdit

Mia has been involved in six wars since she started CN in 2008:

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