Protectorate of the Phoenix Federation
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) McMam, Star Adder, Morzan, Fatty
Founded 22 Nov 2010
Leader(s) Triumvirate: McMam, Morzan
Cabinet Master of State:
Master of Interior:
Master of War:
Master of Commerce:
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of 22 November 2010

Total Nations 29
Strength 134,705
Avg. Strength 4,645
Nukes 35
Score .94
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Metamorphosis was born when the ECAA disbanded on November 22, 2010. Metamorphosis changed various things including alliance color, charter, forums, and Internal Policies.

Charter Edit

Article I: TriumviratesEdit

The triumvirates will comprise of 3 members elected every 4 months. The job of the triumvirates is to oversee the alliance and make sure all parts are moving smoothly. The official name of the triumvirates is Arbiter.

Article II: Arbiter of StrengthEdit

The arbiter of strength is the overseer of the alliances military. He/Her makes sure the Master of War is doing his job properly. As well as making sure the alliance is moving smoothly.

Article III: Arbiter of WisdomEdit

Arbiter of Wisdom is the overseer of the alliances interior. He/She makes sure that the Master of Internal Affairs is doing his/her job properly. As well as making sure the alliance is moving smoothly.

Article IV: Arbiter of CommerceEdit

Arbiter of Commerce is the overseer of the alliances Finance and Foreign policy. He/she makes sure that the Master of finance and the Master of Foreign policy is doing his/her job properly. As well as making sure the alliance is moving smoothly.

Article V: Nuclear AttackEdit

The nations of this alliance have the right to launch a ballistic missile attack in the defense of there country. A nuclear missile does not have to be launched by the attacker first. But as long as it is in the defense of the nation.

Article VI: RaidingEdit

Nations of this alliance are allowed to perform tech raids on any un-aligned nation or nation in an alliance with 5 members or less. Nations cannot attack people any nations on the blue team.

Article VII: BattalionsEdit

Battalions are required for members of this alliance. After 7 days in this alliance you have 7 days to sign into your battalion. If you do not have a valid reason why not(Ie. Activity,IRL issues,Internet etc.), you will need to reapply to our alliance.

Article VIII: Council of EldersEdit

The council of elders is a voting council in which they will vote on things such as Amendments, Expulsion, War etc. They have the power to impeach a government official. But only a 3/3 vote can do that. Council of elders have the right to declare war if there is a 3/3 vote. Council members have 4 month terms.

Article IX: MastersEdit

Masters are the heads of different departments within this alliance. They will be elected every 2 months. If a master resigns, A triumvirate may appoint a new one. Masters are required to work in only their department unless there are vacant spots that they can help out in or have permission from another master to work in their department.

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