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Remembrance Day. This is a member of the Remembrance Day series.

Merger Month
Date July 13th, 2017 - July 31st, 2017
Result The Seven Kingdoms and The Imperial Remnant join The Freehold.
Preceded by
The 5th
Succeeded by
Aevrum Day

Merger Month is a Remembrance Day commemorating the merger of The Seven Kingdoms and The Imperial Remnant into The Freehold. Given the similar themes between TSK and TF, as well as the friendship between Maegor and Stoopid Ace, the mergers were warmly supported by all sides. Due to Merger Month, The Freehold broke into the Top 20 and became a superpower.

Merger MonthEdit

Following months of inactivity and decline, The Seven Kingdom's King, Conrad General, declared that TSK was disbanding. After the members learned of this news, they began looking for a new home. One TSKer, Zawisza Czarny, requested to join The Freehold, informing Maegor of TSK's disbandment. After confirming the news with Prince Oberyn and metalbot, two senior members of TSK's government, Maegor mass-invited members of the alliance to join The Freehold's ranks -- given their shared theme and culture. With the assistance of Oberyn and metalbot, the members were persuaded to join en masse, and the unofficial merger was on its way.

At the same time, Maegor and long-time friend and correspondent, Stoopid Ace, agreed to consider a merger between The Imperial Remnant and The Freehold. Once an official alliance-wide vote was held, Ace officially agreed to the merger.

By the end of July, over 90% of TSK and all of TIR had joined The Freehold, aiding in its development of a melting pot culture with many experienced and new players alike, as well as its rise as a superpower.

The AftermathEdit

Heading into the month of August, the effects of Merger Month became immediately obvious. The Freehold broke into the Top 20 and neared the 4 Million Nation Strength milestone. With Aevrum's merger into Fellowship of the Wolves soon thereafter on Aevrum Day, the White Team had two dominant superpowers in The Freehold and FTW. This consolidation of power by both alliances then led to an official alliance between the two and, eventually, a famous merger of their own: Founding Day.

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