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Mennoland (Finn. Mennomaa, Russ. Земля Мэнноа) is a small Uralican county just south of Syktyvkar, that is inhabited mainly by Mennonites. It is almost completely along the banks of the Sysola River, with four settlements branching off on the main route that runs between Syktyvkar and Kirov. Mennoland is Uralica's smallest county by area, about half the size of the Kudymkar Circle, but is among the most densely populated.

95% of Uralica's Mennonites live in Mennoland at least part-time.

Important Cities And Towns[]

  • Pazhga (Plau. Patschke, Finn. Pasaka)
  • Vizinga (Finn. Visinki, Plau. Visinge)
  • Yb (Plau. Ubb, Finn. Uppi)
  • Pervomaysky (Plau. Eachstameiburg, Finn. Ykkösmajala)
  • Peltino
  • Verkhny Konets (Plau. Hüachkonez, Finn. Yläkonnet)

Although the official names of the towns are Russian (except Peltino, which is Plautdietsch), most people refer to them by their Plautdietsch names.