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His Majesty
The Phoenix Federation Minister of Internal Affairs

Official Portrait

TPF Minister of
Internal Affairs
Assumed office
31 May 2011
Preceded by Robster83

Czar of Leninland
Assumed office
4 June 2006
Preceded by First to hold Office

Premier of Sanitarium
In office
28 March 2010 – 31 May 2011
Preceded by First to hold Office
Succeeded by Position Abolished

Echelon Minister of
Internal Affairs
In office
June 2009 – 6 January 2010
Preceded by Hardstyle
Succeeded by x Tela x

Echelon Minister of Communications
In office
22 Mar 2009 – June 2009
Preceded by Revan
Succeeded by Position Dissolved

Born 4 June 1906 (age 118)
Nationality American
Political party Democratic Party
Alma mater University of Kansas
Profession Lawyer/Politician
Religion Agnostic
Signature Memoryproblems-signature

memoryproblems is a Democratic politician, and currently Czar of Leninland and Minister of Internal Affairs of The Phoenix Federation.

memoryproblems made his debut on Planet Bob on June 4, 2006, quickly founding and organizing Leninland a country located in north-central Asia. memoryproblems led Leninland as a neutral entity for several months, however in July 2006 following a war with a rogue, decided that joining an alliance was crucial to the survival of his young nation and applied for admission to the National Alliance of Arctic Countries. In his time in the NAAC, memoryproblems served as diplomat to several alliances, as well as serving as commander of the ASG9 company for a short period and fought valiantly during Great War II, The Farklands War and Great War III

Following the disbandment of the NAAC at the conclusion of Great War III, memoryproblems applied for admission and was accepted by the Orange Defense Network, where he spent a few months, during which he served as a Divisional Commander. memoryproblems soon found out that ODN was not an ideal fit for him, and elected to join his friend Starcraftmazter's fledgling alliance, Federation of Independent Sovereign Territories where he served as General and later as Interim Minister of the Interior. Following FIST's merger with Darkfall and the formation of Dark Fist, memoryproblems served as Deputy Minister of the Interior for a short period until he decided to leave Dark Fist in January 2009 for unspecified personal differences with the administration of Dark Fist .

Following his departure of Dark Fist, memoryproblems joined the forces of Echelon, where he quickly became Adjutant Minister of Communications in charge of recruitment, and following the resignation of then Minister of Communications Revan, he was promoted to the position of Minister of Communications. Following the merger of Echelon's Ministry of Communication into the Ministry of Internal Affairs, memoryproblems assumed the role of Minister of Internal Affairs, a position which he held until his retirement in early January 2010.

Following his resignation as the Echelon Minister of Internal Affairs, memoryproblems made his resignation from Echelon citing personal differences to join The Phoenix Federation, however returned to Echelon after only two weeks. His return to Echelon, however, was short-lived as he left in late March as a result of disapproval of the direction which Echelon was taking. Upon his departure from Echelon, memoryproblems founded Sanitarium, a blue team alliance, where he became the first Premier of Sanitarium.

memoryproblems served as the Premier of Sanitarium for fourteen months before Sanitarium merged into its protector, The Phoenix Federation. Following the merger, memoryproblems returned to his roots in Internal Affairs and became the Minister of Internal Affairs for The Phoenix Federation.