The media of the soviet kingdom is controlled by both the The States and government

The Soviet Union has several state-owned and government-owned television and radio networks, which broadcast news, sports, entertainment, and general television including comedies, dramas and educational programming. The Soviet Nation , the national Russian-language newspaper, has been running since January of 2007, and includes politics, business, entertainment and educational articles, in addition to serialized stories, cartoons and editorials. There approximately 20 non-state television channels and 6 broadcast music or mixed radio stations with operating permits in the state.

Imported film sales have long prevented a stable Soviet movie industry, although independent films and documentaries are popular among young and middle-aged adults, and some local acting talent has been featured at home and abroad. Domestic music sales are gradually rising, primarily in the symphonic rock and pop genres. Soviet Kingdom National News (SKNN)

This news network is controlled by the soviet government Soviet Kingdom Local News (SKLN)

This news network is controlled by the soviet people them self's Soviet Kingdom Emergency Management News (SKEMN)

This news network is strictly controlled by the soviet government and is only used when there is a crisis in the nation

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