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Grand Fenwick
Established 9/11/2009
(5,431 days old)
Ruler McBeef

McBeef was a Talent Agent for the New Pacific Order Recruiting Corps.


McBeef joined the NPO in September 2009, during the height of the Order's reparation demands after the Karma War. While the alliance may have been demilitarized by those demands, McBeef was nonetheless impressed by the respect that the Order commanded. This, McBeef believed, was an Alliance who knew how Planet Bob worked. This would be the place for the nation of Grand Fenwick to prosper.

Service to the Order[]

McBeef has served the Order in a couple different ways in his time there. Previously McBeef has been involved with the Diplomatic Corps and the Culture Corps. However, the branch of Pacifican government that holds a special place for McBeef is the Recruiting Corps where he currently serves as a Talent Agent.

...the work is enjoyable, interesting and very responsive in terms of observable results. One can really see the good that they are doing in the RC with enough hard work.

Future Outlook[]

As a member who joined during the Karma reparations, McBeef is happy to continue to do his part in growing his nation and help the alliance towards peace and prosperity and push himself and the alliance to fulfill their respective destinies.


The End[]

Due to inactivity, McBeef was demoted in mid-August 2010. He isn't a member of Pacifica any longer.