Mayzie lives in an old mining town, north of Nottingham, England. He is twenty-four years old and still lives with his mother and five brothers, but is looking to purchase a house of his own sometime in 2008. He is college educated but opted to go straight into work rather than doing the whole university, tax dodging student stuff.

He currently enjoys working for a medium sized firm of solicitors and has done for a number of years now. During his school and college years he worked at a bar / restaurant, where he met a number of strange characters and was quite probably where his addiction to alcohol came from.

He is an ardent Nottingham Forest FC fan and will be there every home match this season from now on because when he missed one game due to illness, they won 4-1! COME ON U REDS!!!

Mayzie & OTF Edit

Mayzie was one of a number of recruits suckered into joining cybernations and OTF Alliance by the devious Nickyh and will be blaming him if he loses his job for spending so long online.

After Nicky's rebirth as Replicant Nation, their nations grew together at pace with the help of a few donations and the occasional tech raid. Soon atfer that Mayzie found himself being called Nicky's b*tch by a number of OTF members, he was not impressed.

Mayzie spent a lot of time on OTF forums, trying to help as many people as he could & this didn't go unrecognised. He was first rewarded by being given the role of Associate Justice of the High Court, where he likes to think he did a pretty good job despite the shambles that was Nickyh's first trial. Then in the next parliamentary term, he was elected as an MP and awarded the title of Junior Minister of External Affairs, where he worked closely under his mentor - Nickyh \o/

Mayzie managed to set up a magnificent trade ring for himself and a number of his allies, including GloryUtd & Jextin. That trade ring has been working well for all nations involved for the past two months now & even helped to get an unaligned nation out of anarchy.

The 1 Touch Era Edit

Mayzie has been given the prestigious role of Managing Director of 1 Touch Football thanks to his efforts in the early setting up of the alliance and long may he strive to help the alliance grow. As head of the alliance, he's in charge of the introduction of legislation and the general overseeing of all departments.

Mayzie has inherited a number of close friends at 1 Touch, who have kindly given him some horrible nickname's, although, some might say he brought it on himself. He would like to thank Barnetboyz and Mikiz for their contribution to his facebook nicknames application with their wonderful effort of 'baldy'. Another one which definitely is his own fault is 'Bald Bunny Rabbit' (damn drunken nights and camera phones).

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