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Mayeram (February 27, 2007 – Present) is a member of the Cyber Nations simulation and currently serves as the Prophet of Avandra, one of the Prophets of the Raven Queen, and Xammux of the Paladins of Freedom.

Green Protection Agency[]


Mayeram joined the Cyber Nations community on February 27, 2007. He joined the Green Protection Agency on his first day playing Cyber Nations and stayed with them until April 20, 2009 when the Paladins of Freedom were founded. Mayeram passed the Green Protection Agency Academy exam on his first attempt, and proceeded to become relatively inactive and unconcerned with Cyber Nations politics.


This all changed when he received a message saying that his alliance was in great danger of going to war. Mayeram started to become more active, and read about all of the issues causing the war. The war started, and mayeram was continually under attack by three nations much larger than himself. Mayeram decided that it was more honorable to stay with the alliance that had protected him since his first day playing the game, especially since the people from the Green Protection Agency that had caused the problems had either left the alliance, or even joined its attackers. It looked hopeless, but through skillful use of tactics, he was able to send one of his attackers into anarchy and caused them more damage then they caused him. Even so, after three rounds of attackers lasting nearly a month, mayeram was finally reduced to zero infrastructure, and had to drop out of the fight.

Paladins of Freedom[]

Mayeram stayed a member of the Green Protection Agency until he, along with his friends Badbrownies, Megametal, and Darth Elecian founded the Paladins of Freedom. Mayeram filled the positions Prophet of Avandra, Prophet of the Raven Queen and Xammux. Where he still serves today.