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Max Kernwaffen
Order: President for Life
Term of Office: June 14 1989 - Till Death
Preceded by: N/A
Succeeded by: N/A
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Wife: N/A
Profession: President for Life, Super Cool Dude
Political Party: Whitie Tighties
International Office: N/A

Max Kernwaffen (Unkown) is the Kernwaffen President for Life upon founding the nation in his youth. An active member of the Orange Defense Network in all of it's different forms, he is an outspoken, but somewhat shy, member of the international community. Ofent seen wearing his signature custom green armor, he is also one of the rare leaders who will accompany his troops in battle.

Early life and FamilyEdit

Very little information is known about the founder of the country. Finding a small group of a people in the desert, he, against all odds, was able to gain their respect.

There is no evidence to suggest that Max has any family around him nor has he made any correspondences over seas to suspected family members. Further, he has forgone relationships with the fairer sex so that he may devote all of his time to his still young nation. This view point may change in the future as he has stated many times that he wishes to eventually settle down.


Due to his position, Max has not had to run in any elections.

Chief of the Wandering Whities Edit

The "Wandering Whities", as local tribes referred to them, were a group of fair skinned men and women who wandered around on the horn of Africa in the early 80's. Max Kernwaffen eventually arrived in what is believed to be 1986. Over those few short years, he was able to move up to the top of the tribe and finally settled in a fertile valley near the tip of the horn. Due to his genius abilities, he picked a prime stopping site on which to create a grand new nation.

President for Life Edit

Upon settling the "Wandering Whities" down. He quickly set about creating a small government. Originally he planned to keep it tribal as before but quickly sensed they would need a stronger government to prevent attacks from other tribes. Switching to a federal government, he never planned to be President beyond a set term until a bill went through the small congress that allowed him and only him to serve a life term if he so wished. Not wanting to deny his people, he accepted reluctantly. Many years later, he is still in control of his country and in a form of self-control, he created many positions around him that could possibly rival him in power if used correctly.

ODN Senate Election of 2006Edit

Kernwaffen, initially running for the position of Intelligence Joint Chief and hoping to win the position, eventually realized that running two large groups would be damaging to his country and possibly the Orange Defense Network, decided to bow out of the race to an election that, although not over, is clearly going to go Pope Hope. Elections started at 12:00GMT on Friday, February 17th. Results have yet to come in for the election.