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National Flag of Maurania

National Flag of Maurania
Mauranian Coat of Arms of Maurania
Mauranian Coat of Arms
Aut nunquam tentes, aut perfice.
National Anthem
Maurania, tis for Thee
Location of Maurania
Capital City Maudargane
Official Language(s) English, German, Serbian, and Russian
Demonym Serbian
Established 8/12/2011
(4,719 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler King James V
King James V
Alliance The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 09/23/2011 (4,677 days)
Nation Team Team: Orange Orange
Statistics as of 8/12/2011
Total population 712
 509 civilians
 203 soldiers
Population Density 33.62
Literacy Rate 20.00%
Religion Christianity Christianity
Currency Pound Pound
Infrastructure 1,904.45
Technology 25.57
Nation Strength 6,117.089
Nation Rank #9,653 of 5,242
Efficiency 63.06
Total Area 185.495 miles in diameter Nation Map
Native Resources Marble Fish
Connected Resources Aluminum Fish Gold Iron Lumber Marble Oil Spices Sugar Uranium Water Wheat

Maurania, officially the Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania, is a country located in the Atlantic Ocean, Maurania's nearest neighbors include to the southwest Alferific, on the West Sniktopia, and to the northeast Kingdom of Dark. The nation itself is comprised of five islands, which together form the Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania. The largest of these islands, and in which most of the kingdoms population resides, is Zamarat in which also the capitol Maudargane resides. The Maur Downs houses in which the royal residences and the kingdom's Largest river, Maur.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania is an absolute monarchy with five main regions:

  1. Epheus District: This district represents one of the administrative divisions within Maurania, reflecting its unique character and significance within the kingdom.
  2. Maur Downs Region: The Maur Downs Region encompasses the area characterized by the iconic Maur Downs, which is adorned with royal residences and serves as a prominent feature of the kingdom's landscape.
  3. Zamarat Province: Zamarat Province retains its name from the original description, representing the largest island in Maurania and hosting the capital city of Maudargane.
  4. Southbourne Territory: The Southbourne Territory is a new administrative division within Maurania, highlighting a distinct area with its own geographical and cultural attributes.
  5. Brightcliff Edge Province: The Brightcliff Edge Province represents another administrative division of Maurania, characterized by its stunning cliffs and coastal features, evoking a sense of beauty and wonder.

Within the Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania, an absolute monarchy prevails, with governance vested in the hands of King James Maximilian Fortescue Hayden Xavier deWinter V. His wise leadership and regal presence shape the destiny of Maurania, ensuring the prosperity and well-being of its people.

Maurania stands as a captivating nation, where natural beauty intertwines with the grace of monarchy, creating a realm that embraces tradition, diplomacy, and the enduring spirit of its citizens.

The Kingdom of Maurania National Information[]

The Mauranian Minister for External Affairs correspondence regarding the Mauranian Government and it's subjects:

Maurania, a vibrant and evolving nation, has reached the age of 11 years , 9 months, characterized by rapid growth and development. The majority of its citizens identify as Serb ethnicity, and intriguingly, they embrace a non-religious stance. Technological advancements are a hallmark of Mauranian society, with its inhabitants enjoying a plethora of cutting-edge innovations within the nation.

However, the citizens of Maurania bear a heavy burden of taxation, leading to a palpable discontentment towards the government. The populace often harbors negative sentiments due to the perceived high tax rates. Despite this, the diligent citizens contribute to the nation's economic prosperity by focusing on the production of valuable resources, namely Coal and Fish, which serve as tradable commodities.

Maurania maintains a predominantly neutral stance in international affairs, preferring peaceful resolutions and typically resorting to military force solely in response to aggression from other nations. Acknowledging the importance of safeguarding its people, Maurania holds the belief that nuclear weapons are necessary for national security.

To ensure border security and combat illegal activities, Maurania has strategically positioned its military personnel at all border crossings, with a specific focus on apprehending drug traffickers. While the nation allows its citizens the right to protest against the government, a robust police force diligently monitors such activities and detains individuals who violate the law.

Maurania adopts an open border policy, welcoming immigrants, but with the requirement that they undergo the process of naturalization to obtain citizenship if they wish to reside in the country permanently. The nation strongly upholds the principle of freedom of speech, valuing every citizen's right to express their opinions openly about the government.

In terms of foreign aid, Maurania extends support to other nations, when possible, but its priority remains the well-being of its own people. The government of Maurania staunchly refrains from making deals or entering into agreements with countries that have a history of human rights abuses or inhumane treatment of their own citizens. This stands as a testament to Maurania's commitment to principles of justice and compassion.

Mauranian National Anthem[]


(Verse 1)

  • In the land of Maurania, by the Atlantic's embrace,
  • Where beauty and strength intertwine, a noble sovereign place,
  • From Zamarat to Ephesus, united we stand tall,
  • Our hearts forever loyal, to our beloved homeland's call.


  • Maurania, Maurania, our cherished kingdom free,
  • With hearts united, side by side, for all eternity,
  • Through triumphs and through challenges, we'll face them faithfully
  • Maurania, Maurania, tis for thee, tis for thee.

(Verse 2)

  • Beneath the banner of our realm, in harmony we thrive,
  • A tapestry of cultures, with diverse spirits alive,
  • From Maur Downs to Southbourne, each realm a precious part,
  • Bound by love and kinship, etched deep within our hearts.


  • Through rolling hills and forests grand, and lagoons serene,
  • From mountains high to coastal shores, in every breathtaking scene,
  • We'll march with strength and honor, with courage as our guide,
  • Preserving our heritage, with unity deep inside.


(Verse 3)

  • As seasons pass and time unfolds, our spirit will endure,
  • Together we'll forge onward, our legacy secure,
  • In Maurania's embrace, we'll strive to reach our dreams,
  • A beacon of resilience, shining through life's streams.



  • Oh, Maurania, our beloved land, with pride we sing to thee,
  • Forever we'll stand strong, united and forever free,
  • Maurania, Maurania, our noble kingdom be,
  • A haven of hope and love, for all eternity.

History of Maurania[]


Maurania, a small country shrouded in obscurity until the dawn of the 20th century. While our knowledge of this era remains scarce, the fragments we've unearthed reveal a captivating tale of geological transformations and the rise of a remarkable civilization.

The ancient lands of Maurania were subject to immense geological upheavals that shaped its destiny. The subsidence of the "Central Plate" and the tremendous pressure of volcanic activity birthed the awe-inspiring Mauranian Chain, a majestic mountain range that graced the landscape. These dramatic shifts also altered the course of the mighty River Maurane, forever changing its path and erasing vital traces of ancient civilization.

Yet, amidst this geological turmoil, a tribe emerged—the Mauranes. From the 8th century onwards, they inhabited a territory akin to the modern expanse of Maurania. These warriors, builders, and traders laid the foundations of an empire grounded in commercial exchanges with neighboring peoples. Notably, they forged strong ties with nomadic tribes hailing from the north, harnessing their expertise in nomadic lifestyles.

Formidable battles against the wild tribes of the south tested the mettle of the Mauranian warriors. However, under the visionary leadership of their first sovereign, Severan the First, founder of the esteemed Severan dynasty and a revered forefather of King Strickland, the Mauranes emerged victorious time and again.

The true golden age of Maurania blossomed under the reign of the "Three Enlightened Princes." Severan the First, his son Severan II, and the legendary Valdemar the Great—the nephew of Severan II—ushered in an era of unparalleled prosperity and influence. Maurania's dominion extended its reach, both militarily and economically, encompassing the entire Alantic plane.

During this era of grandeur, the capital city of Maur, once a bustling hub, flourished with a population of 75,000 inhabitants. Its streets witnessed the footsteps of scholars, artisans, and warriors alike. The city boasted a magnificent Palace, renowned Universities, and towering Military Forts that fortified its strength.

Remarkably, remnants of this illustrious past still grace the Mauranian landscape today. Many of these architectural marvels, standing as testaments to the nation's grandeur and influence, have rightfully earned their place on the prestigious list of world heritage buildings. Their weathered stones silently recount tales of a civilization that thrived, leaving an indelible mark on Mauranian history.

The Decline and Rise of Maurania[]

The decline of the Maurane Empire initiated in 1524 with the ascension of Snowthorn the Malevolent, who cunningly seized power, abruptly ending the reign of the revered Severan Dynasty. Through his treachery, Snowdon siphoned the nation's mining wealth for personal gain, plunging Maurania into a state of ruin. His inept strategic skills were evident in the catastrophic defeat at the Battle of Maudargane against the troops of Sultan Abbasside Haroun. This marked the onset of a bleak era for Maurania, as it was annexed and reduced to a mere province governed by external forces. The wounds from this period remain raw, fostering profound cultural divisions that persist between the northern regions and the populations of the central and southern areas.

However, the dawn of the 19th century heralded a transformative shift. King Strickland III, the grandfather of King Poindexter, emerged as a unifying force by rallying the tribes from the south and leading a successful revolt. This marked the resurgence of the dynasty and initiated Maurania's gradual opening to the Western world. King Strickland III catalyzed economic and cultural exchanges with major European powers, most notably the United Kingdom, propelling his country into the embrace of modernity.

Empowered by a well-trained and equipped Mauranian army, forged through collaboration with the English, victory at the Battle of Matouba on 10th June 1882 (now celebrated as National Day) solidified the stability of Maurania's borders. The enduring friendship between King Strickland III and the British monarchy ensured the country's protection, with England serving as a stalwart guardian. King Strickland III's reign spanned nearly five decades, tragically concluding at the age of 85 when he met his demise while hunting lions, a revered and adventurous ruler. In 1927, his adopted son, de Winter-Strickland IV, ascended the throne, ushering Maurania into a new era.

Mauranian Herald - DeathKingStricklandIV

The Mauranian Herald announcing the Death of King Strickland IV.

The aftermath of the Second World War ushered in a period of internal conflict. Manipulated by the Soviet Union, a faction of the population attempted to foment a conspiracy to establish a socialist state in Maurania, despite the disinterest of the majority. Swiftly quelled, this conspiracy revealed the presence of foreign terrorist groups operating within Mauranian territory. In a resolute move to preserve liberty, King Strickland dissolved the Parliament and assumed direct control over the proud Mauranian army.

Upon his passing in 2009, at the remarkable age of 95, his adopted son, James Maximilian Fortescue Hayden Xavier deWinter-Strickland V, assumed the throne as James V, departing from the last name tradition. James V has already embarked on a quest to restore Maurania to its former glory, reminiscent of its illustrious past. Only time will reveal the extent of his accomplishments and whether he can lead Maurania back to the zenith of its historical greatness.

Coronation of King James Maximilian Fortescue Hayden Xavier deWinter V[]

Portrait of King James V - Coronation

Official Coronation Portrait of King James Maximilian Fortescue Hayden Xavier deWinter V

On the auspicious day of December 21st, when the world stood poised on the cusp of winter's embrace, the Kingdom of Maurania bore witness to a historic event—the coronation of King James Maximilian Fortescue Hayden Xavier deWinter V. Nature herself seemed to partake in the ceremony, as the winter solstice cast its enchanting spell upon the land.

The grand halls of Maur Palace gleamed with the soft glow of candlelight, casting dancing shadows upon the regal tapestries that adorned the walls. The air was filled with a palpable sense of anticipation, as noble guests, draped in luxurious furs and adorned with jewels that glittered like ice, gathered to witness the ascension of their sovereign, their breath visible in the crisp air.

As the sun's golden rays gently pierced through the frost-covered windows, casting a cascade of ethereal light upon the gathering, the ceremonial procession commenced. The rhythmic melodies of ancient hymns, performed by a choir clad in resplendent robes of silver and azure, filled the sacred space, carrying the collective hopes and dreams of the kingdom.


As the first rays of sunlight broke through the frost-laden windows, casting a gentle golden glow upon the scene, King James, Draped in a cloak of electric green, deep blue and white, embroidered with gold symbols of the five districts, symbolizing the purity and resilience of the Mauranian spirit, King James stepped forward with regal poise. His eyes, the color of glacial waters, His presence, an embodiment of grace and nobility, commanded the attention of all who beheld him, shimmered with determination and grace as he approached the ancient throne, carved with intricate patterns that told the tales of Maurania's storied past.

With each step, the weight of history and the aspirations of his ancestors enveloped him.

The High Priest, adorned in crimson robes conducted the sacred rites of coronation, anointing King James with oils infused with the essence of winter's frost. With reverence and solemnity, he placed the crown—gently placed upon his brow, signifying his rightful place as the ruler of Maurania.

Outside, the winter landscape seemed to hold its breath in reverence, as if nature itself recognized the significance of the event. Snowflakes, delicate and intricate, twirled and danced from the heavens, gracing the occasion with their ethereal presence.

As the final notes of the hymns echoed through the grand hall, a profound silence descended. The kingdom held its breath, witnessing the culmination of a legacy and the dawning of a new era. King James, now crowned and anointed, extended his hands, invoking a blessing upon his beloved realm and its people:

"With open hearts and steadfast resolve, let us embark on this journey together, as one united nation. May our spirits be fortified with courage, compassion, and a boundless sense of possibility.

May the guiding light of knowledge illuminate our path, inspiring us to seek wisdom, to embrace lifelong learning, and to forge a brighter future for all.

May the ties that bind us grow ever stronger, fostering a spirit of unity and understanding that transcends differences and celebrates the richness of our diversity.

May justice be the cornerstone of our society, ensuring fairness, equality, and the protection of every citizen's rights and dignity.

May the flame of innovation ignite our imaginations, propelling us forward as we embrace progress, harness new technologies, and shape a thriving future.

May the bonds of community deepen, encouraging us to extend a helping hand, support one another, and build a society founded on empathy, kindness, and solidarity.

May the echoes of our shared history remind us of the strength and resilience that reside within us, empowering us to overcome challenges and seize opportunities with unwavering determination.

May the legacy of our ancestors inspire us to honor their wisdom, to preserve our cultural heritage, and to cultivate a legacy of excellence and integrity for generations to come.

As your king, I pledge to serve with unwavering dedication, guided by the principles of fairness, responsibility, and the pursuit of the common good.

Together, let us sow the seeds of progress, unity, and hope, nurturing a nation where every individual can flourish and contribute to the tapestry of our collective success.

May these blessings guide us, protect us, and inspire us as we chart a course towards a brighter tomorrow, forever united under the banner of Maurania."

The resounding applause that erupted from the gathered throngs filled the grand hall, echoing through the marble pillars and resplendent tapestries. Joy and admiration radiated from every corner, as Maurania celebrated the crowning of their beloved king on this sacred day.

From that moment forward, King James Maximilian Fortescue Hayden Xavier deWinter V assumed his rightful place as the embodiment of Maurania's unity and resilience. Guided by the eternal dance of sunlight and shadow, his reign would be marked by wisdom, compassion, and the indomitable spirit that thrives amidst the frost of winter.

As the solstice sun bathed the kingdom in its soft, diffused light, the coronation of King James became an eternal part of Mauranian lore—a testament to the enduring bond between the monarch and the land, forever entwined in the tapestry of winter's enchantment.


The annals of Maurania's history were forever marked by an exhilarating chapter of war and valor, a stark departure from its traditionally peaceful existence. In an unexpected turn of events, the tranquil kingdom found itself facing hostility from a neighboring nation driven by irrational animosity. The Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania, under the indomitable leadership of King James de Winter V, bravely stood its ground against the storm of aggression.

As war drums reverberated across the land, Maurania's unwavering spirit became a beacon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness. The valiant defenders, united by a fierce determination to protect their homeland, withstood the onslaught, refusing to yield to the malevolent forces that sought to undermine their freedom.

In the face of adversity, Maurania's resilience shone brightly. The enemy, recognizing the unwavering resolve and unwavering defense put forth by the kingdom, eventually conceded, offering terms of peace. However, victory came at a heavy cost. One hundred and seventy of Maurania's bravest soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives in defense of the nation they loved.

It was upon this solemn backdrop that King James de Winter V, with a heavy heart and profound gratitude, addressed his grieving nation, his words carrying the weight of their sacrifice:

"Dear Mauranians,

Today, as we gather in the wake of our recent trials, we find ourselves at a crossroads of grief and determination. Our enemies may have tested our resolve, but we must stand united, resolute in the face of adversity. I have devoted my life to passionately defending your interests and the independence of our great country, and today, Maurania has emerged victorious against all odds.

But let us not forget the high price we have paid. One hundred and seventy of our bravest men, the epitome of courage and selflessness, have made the ultimate sacrifice. They laid down their lives so that Maurania may live, so that every citizen can cherish the gift of peace. Today, we mourn their loss, and we honor their memory with deep reverence.

I call upon all of us to offer prayers and solace to the families of our fallen heroes, whose grief is immeasurable. May their memories be etched upon our hearts, a constant reminder of the unwavering commitment and valor that beats within the soul of Maurania.

My gratitude, my unwavering support, and my heart will forever be with you, the brave soldiers who defended our land, and with the families who bear the weight of their absence. Together, let us forge ahead, holding their sacrifice as a guiding light, and let us build a nation where their legacy lives on, where peace, unity, and freedom prevail.

Maurania has triumphed, not only in the battles fought, but in the unwavering spirit that binds us together. We shall emerge stronger, our resolve unbroken, as we continue to write the chapters of our glorious history.

May the fallen rest in eternal peace, and may their sacrifice never be forgotten. May their legacy inspire us to cherish the peace they fought for, and to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain.

May the spirit of Maurania guide us, now and always."

And with these words, delivered with a mixture of solemnity and unwavering determination, King James de Winter V rallied the nation, honoring the fallen and igniting the flame of unity, resilience, and undying gratitude within the hearts of all Mauranians.

National Events[]

Territories of The Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania[]

The Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania, with its diverse and captivating territories, boasts a remarkable range of terrain and climates that captivate the imagination and offer unique experiences to those who traverse its lands.

  • Zamarat, as the heart of Maurania and home to the capital city Maudergane, is nestled amidst picturesque landscapes. Rolling hills and fertile plains surround the city, painting a canvas of natural beauty. The region enjoys a temperate climate, with mild summers and cool winters, providing an ideal environment for agriculture and flourishing flora.
  • Ephesus, also known as the Molgrave Wetlands, stands as a testament to the intriguing cultural practices of the Molgrave tribe. Here, the lush wetlands provide a haven for diverse plant and animal life. The Molgrave tribe, bound by their cultural beliefs, have constructed a lofty village suspended in the canopy of towering trees. Their unique taboo, forbidding any contact with the ground, even in death, is manifested by lashing the departed to upright poles, ensuring they remain above the earth. The mystical ambiance of Ephesus is accentuated by the enchanting sounds of wildlife and the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind.
  • Maur Downs, a realm of regal significance, serves as the residence of King Strickland V. It is a region of breathtaking beauty, characterized by verdant landscapes and serene vistas. The crown jewel of Maur Downs is the majestic Maur River, which meanders through the realm, bestowing life upon its surroundings. The river's shimmering waters provide a pathway for the royal yacht, allowing King Strickland V to navigate his realm with ease and grace. The lush scenery and abundant flora make Maur Downs a tranquil retreat, evoking a sense of serenity and harmony with nature
  • Southbourne, though sparsely populated, offers a fascinating mosaic of wetlands and forests. Vast expanses of untouched wilderness stretch as far as the eye can see, inviting explorers to venture into the untamed beauty of Maurania. The region's wetlands provide a habitat for diverse bird species and other wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. The dense forests, with their towering trees and dappled sunlight, evoke a sense of mystery and invite one to wander and discover the secrets hidden within.
  • Brightcliff Edge, the final realm of Maurania, holds a captivating allure of its own. While relatively unpopulated, its population is on the rise as people are drawn to its tranquil charm. Along its southern periphery, a ribbon of seaside towns stretches, captivating visitors with its idyllic coastal views and inviting beaches. Walkers and hikers are particularly drawn to Brightcliff Edge, as it offers an extensive network of long-distance footpaths and interconnecting trails. The region is punctuated by three principal gaps that allow rivers to flow through, creating lush valleys. Dry valleys, carved by ancient forces, add an element of mystery to the landscape, leaving adventurers eager to uncover their hidden secrets.


In each realm of the Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania, nature weaves a tapestry of wonder, inviting all who venture forth to immerse themselves in the splendor of diverse terrains and climates. From rolling hills and fertile plains to lofty tree villages, from majestic rivers to untamed wilderness, Maurania's territories captivate the senses and offer a wealth of experiences to those who seek to explore its enchanting realms.

Spanning over three hundred and fifty square miles, the Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania is a nation nestled within the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Its picturesque islands, like a collection of carefully tended gardens, grace the horizon with their tranquil allure. Maurania's landscape embodies peace and serenity, with fields and villages adorned by vibrant flowers, and a myriad of lagoons shimmering in hues of blue and green.

Situated atop the Atlantic ridge, Maurania's islands trace their origins back to volcanic activity. The legacy of this volcanic birth is etched into the very fabric of the land, evident in the imposing volcanic cones and majestic craters that punctuate the island chain. These remnants of ancient eruptions bear witness to the tumultuous geological history that shaped Maurania's terrain.

Amidst this volcanic tapestry, the crown jewel of Maurania's islands emerges—the realm of Maur Downs. Here, at the zenith of Maurania's topography, stands Mount St. Severan, proudly claiming the title of the highest point in the entire kingdom. Rising with magnificent grandeur, this majestic peak reaches a soaring elevation of 3,785 meters above the sea floor, offering sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding expanse.

The presence of volcanic cones, craters, and the towering Mount St. Severan serves as a reminder of the turbulent geological forces that sculpted Maurania's islands. They stand as testaments to the enduring strength and resilience of the land, its people, and their indomitable spirit.

In this land of blooming tranquility and volcanic origins, Maurania beckons travelers and inhabitants alike to immerse themselves in the beauty of its garden-like islands, to explore the remnants of ancient eruptions, and to ascend the heights of Mount St. Severan, where the heavens seemingly meet the sea.


The climate of the Sovereign Kingdom of Maurania is influenced by its location in the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in a temperate maritime climate with mild and relatively stable weather patterns throughout the year.

The islands of Maurania enjoy comfortable temperatures, characterized by mild summers and cool winters. Summers are pleasantly warm, with average temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Gentle sea breezes provide a refreshing touch, tempering the heat and creating a pleasant coastal atmosphere. It is a season when the sun casts its warm embrace upon the land, inviting residents and visitors to indulge in outdoor activities and explore the scenic beauty of Maurania's islands.

The winter season brings a delightful touch of frost and snow, transforming the landscape into a picturesque winter wonderland. The colder winter climate bestows a magical charm upon the islands, enchanting residents and visitors alike with its snowy vistas and crisp, refreshing air.

As temperatures drop, the mercury hovers around 0 to -5 degrees Celsius (32 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit) during the coldest months. Winter winds carry a sense of exhilaration, hinting at the arrival of snowflakes that delicately dance from the heavens and blanket the land in a soft, glistening white coat.

Maurania's islands are adorned with a mantle of snow, transforming rolling hills, fields, and forests into a serene and enchanting tableau. Trees, their branches heavy with pristine snowflakes, create a captivating scene that seems straight out of a winter fairy tale. The rooftops of villages and cities become adorned with a layer of snow, lending an idyllic charm to the architectural landscape.

The tranquil beauty of Maurania's landscape takes on a different charm, with occasional mists adding an ethereal touch to the scenery.

Rainfall is spread evenly throughout the year, with Maurania experiencing a moderate amount of precipitation. The islands benefit from the oceanic influence, which helps maintain a balance in moisture levels, nurturing the lush vegetation and contributing to the vibrant colors that dot the landscapes.

Maurania's climate, with its mild summers, cool winters, and moderate rainfall, creates an ideal environment for a diverse array of flora and fauna to thrive. The gentle climate, combined with the nation's natural beauty, makes Maurania an enticing destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat amidst picturesque surroundings.

Whether basking in the warmth of a summer's day or experiencing the refreshing coolness of winter, Maurania's climate beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the gentle rhythms of nature, allowing them to forge lasting memories and discover the serene beauty that graces the kingdom's islands.


Behold the mighty force that safeguards the sovereignty of Maurania, the heralded warriors of the Royal Mauranian Army (RMA). With resolute hearts and unwavering valor, they stand as the epitome of courage and honor in the face of adversity. The RMA encompasses two illustrious branches, embodying the pinnacle of military might:

Royal Mauranian Army

The Royal Mauranian Army (RMA) - Defenders of the Realm Clad in regal armor, the Royal Mauranian Army marches forward with unwavering determination. They are the guardians of the kingdom's borders, the bulwark against any threat that dares to challenge Maurania's sacred soil. With their battle-hardened skills and unwavering loyalty, they embody the spirit of valor and selflessness. From the shimmering fields of Zamarat to the untamed wilderness of Southbourne, the RMA's presence instills a sense of security and inspires awe among all who witness their prowess. First Tank Division - Steel Titans of Battle Roaring into the fray, the First Tank Division epitomizes the cutting edge of Mauranian military power. These steel-clad titans, with their rumbling engines and thunderous might, strike fear into the hearts of their adversaries. Their armored ranks roll across the land, unyielding and indomitable, ensuring Maurania's supremacy on the battlefield. With their advanced weaponry and strategic brilliance, they unleash a torrent of power, crushing all who stand against them and protecting the kingdom with unwavering resolve.

Together, the Royal Mauranian Army and the First Tank Division stand united, an awe-inspiring force that symbolizes the unyielding spirit and unwavering commitment of Maurania. They represent the indomitable strength of a nation and the embodiment of noble ideals. With their bravery, skill, and unwavering dedication, they pave the way for a future where Maurania's glory shines bright and her people thrive under the protection of their illustrious military might.