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Located near the western shore of Australia, Matrie is a new member of GATO.(Global Alliance Treaty Organization) In its membership, it's main role has been helping in the defence of other GATO nations.

Early historyEdit

Not much is known about the early history of Matrie, only that a small group of Australian cities who wished to remain peaceful, banded together under the name Matrie. They did this so other, more warlike tribes, would be intimated by their vast, united strength. Their first leader, Baron Von Awesome, gave birth to their current leader Matriak, who inherited the throne when his father died in the great Chessanian war.

The Chessanian WarEdit

There were a large group of nations under one ruler, Chessdepth. Chessdepth had a long history of attacking GATO nations, apologizing, then doing it again. So when he attacked GATO, GATO decided it would be the last time, and an all out war was declared against Chessdepth and his nations. Matrie declared war on Chessania, and fought for years, constantly sending its valiant soldiers to remove Chessdepth from power. Soon, the Admin took notice of this struggle, and with his mighty powers of Adminism, struck down Chessdepth AND his nations. Shortguy (a promising dignitary of GATO) proceeded to award Matrie 10,000 euros in reward for it's efforts.

An evaluation of current Matrie affairsEdit

Matrie continues to invest heavily into Technology, and stands strong behind the GATO banner.

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