Masvidal first joined CyberNations in April 2006, but restarted for unknown reasons on December 15, 2006. He started of with GATO a long time ago, but after realizing how long it took the leadership to decide wether or not to make a treaty with the New Polar Order, he decided to leave. This was also a time when Chris Kaos and Walford, aka Pauline, had a prominent role in GATO.

He decided to join the New Pacific Order because Masvidal wanted to be among the best of the best. During this time, the Great Patriotic War was going on, when people were leaving the NPO, and he wanted to fight for the cause and not let something like that happen ever again. It took him until December because of exams and school work.

Since joining the New Pacific Order, Masvidal has held the positions of Imperial Ambassador, Diplomatic Consul, Special Envoy, Non-Commission Officer, Intelligence Agent, 2nd Lieutenant, Bank Agent, and Battalion Banker. Currently though, his main mask is Retribution Veteran, although he also has other duties. Due to his workload in university, he had to resign from his other positions. He did, however, continue on some of his duties out of love for the Order.

Masvidal has served in the Second Great War (where he lost 4,000 infrastructure and was ZI'ed) and Third Great War.

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