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I'll be honest folks, I am not a popular character. I think more people dislike me then actually like me.

A bit of my history in CN:

  • Independent for several months
  • Joined the GGA, became a prominent member
  • Infighting between myself and PC lead to me being expelled
  • Founded the Federation with Frank Carbonni and btbtbtbt.
  • Announced the Third Declaration of War for the CoaLUEtion during the Great War.
  • Nuked Fuhrer Mustang
  • A 4 month hiatus
  • Joined LUE
  • Became the first non-LUEser to be elected to a ministry position
  • Left LUE to help found the Farkistan alliance
  • Farkistan was attacked, and I fled to LUE.
  • I was the first nuclear casualty of the Second Great War.
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