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Mason11987 is a former member of the Green Protection Agency throughout the life of his former nation, United States of Wii.

  • Served as Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs (aMoFA) [May - early June 2007]
  • Was appointed interim MoFA with the departure of Ericus [June 2007]
  • Served as MoFA after being elected unopposed [July - August 2007]
  • Served as MoFA after being elected unopposed before resigning due to RL time constraints [September, through the 10th]
  • Coordinated GPA's Plan 31
  • Elected Director of Communications of the GPA for the term 1/08-3/08
  • Appointed Vice-President under Apriland [January 22, 2008 - February 2008]
  • RL priorities led to the self-deletion of United States of Wii in February.
  • Returned to make a new nation ForTheLulz and applied to GPA [October 2008].
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