Established 10/26/2008
Alliance Misfit Nations
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Nation Team Team: Red Red

MaskofBlue was a member of the New Pacific Order, joining in December 28, 2007. She had spent several months in the Organization of Imperial Nations and the New Polar Order before settling into the NPO. It was what MaskofBlue terms the 'proper leadership which drew her to the NPO' along with the great sense of community.

MaskofBlue started her career as an ambassador but decided to leave so that she could fully dedicate herself to the Media Corps, starting off as a scribe and graphic artist, but working her way up to Senior Correspondent and Graphics Officer. She enjoyed being a Senior Correspondent in the media corps best, as it allowed her to open up her imagination freely and write about the goings-on in CN and the day to day operations of the Order. She also helped others in their writing and in running projects. Her dedication was astonishing; she loved being tucked away in the back doing her writing or graphics for the Order, spending around 8 hours a day, sometimes upwards of 12.

For her work in Media, she was promoted to the rank of Copy Editor, overseeing the entire Writing Division as well as holding a rank in Graphics as a Graphics Officer. For her tireless work and dedication to the department, she was then made Media Coordinator, overseeing the entire department and ensuring it ran smoothly.

MaskofBlue believes that "letting go and giving up are not the same thing. People do not own or control you, they can influence or suggest something but in the end the decision is yours and you better be willing to live with the consequences". This philosophy served her well.

MaskofBlue later became a member of Misfit Nations.

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