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Updated March 10, 2009
Nation Name Brazilica
Ruler MariMassa
Alliance Affiliation New Pacific Order
Alliance Seniority 3/19/2007 4:28:32 PM
Capital City Zili
Nation Team Red

Brazilica is a free, middle-size nation, located in Brazil. The people of Brazilica are mostly descendants of colonial settlers and the native indigenous peoples. Ruled by MariMassa, Brazilica is a fun nation, where samba spills from every doorway.


MariMassa first joined CN after receiving an e-mail from a friend and even though she was unsure whether this friend was actually on CN or not she went ahead and joined anyway. When she began CN she was a resident on the purple team and took her time to choose her alliance to make sure it was the right one for her. After spending some time browsing various alliance forums, she realized that New Pacific Order was the best alliance out there, and decided to join. However, due to her noobness, she did not realized that an AA change to NPO required the NPO’s approval. As a result, she was declared a pirate from April until June 6. After getting warned by the Praetorian Guard and some help from Zeta Defender she eventually managed to register and became an NPO applicant. Her problems had not ended there with her being attacked while she was still in the academy. Aid came quickly though and this is what made her sure that the NPO was her home. She enjoys the sense of comradeship that comes with being a member of the NPO as well as the fact it is very well organised. She also believes the leaders always make their decisions based on what benefits the NPO the most. This is why MariMassa will be NPO forever.

Former Occupations in NPOEdit

She has held many positions, such as Colonel; Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omega Battalions Lt; Epsilon Battalion NCO; Field Agent of Military Intelligence, Recruiter, Spirit Guard, Imperial Ambassador to IAA and MCXA, Military Economic Advisor to the Mafia, Military Economic Advisor to the European Union and Special envoy to the Black, Blue and Orange spheres. She formerly held the position of General of Pacifica's Military Command. She was also on the Imperial Advisory Committee.


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