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Manic Monday is the term used to describe the deletions of several highly-recognizeable rulers beginning at 1:03 EDT on Monday August 4, 2008 and extending to the early hours of Tuesday, August 5. It should be noted however that several of these players returned to take part in the second incarnation of Vox Populi less than two weeks later.

Deletions and Quits[]


Having been sentenced to Perma-ZI after reporting NPO Imperial Officer Z'ha'dum for baiting, and seeing no change in the future, Doitzel deletes County Doitzel.

Rebel Virginia[]

Another NPO Perma-ZI nation, Rebel Virginia, ruled by Pope Bubba XIII, deletes and posts his goodbye on the Open World Forum.


Schattenmann, an abbrasive and outspoken OWF talking head, posts an RP suicide of his ruler. Deletion of his nation, Schloss Eggenberg, must be delayed for several days due to aid transactions.


A longtime presence on Planet Bob, Cheyenne posts a "withdrawal" from CyberNations, promising to continue to still "be around."


Longtime proponent of change and altruistic gameplay Starfox101 posts a simple statement signalling his departure: "I keep telling myself it will get better, and that maybe people will open their eyes to the injustices going on all around them. However, I see this is not the case. It's time I give up. No more waiting for Victory Day, as I realize it will never come.

So, goodbye, CN."


Very soon after, Azural, long-time maroon senator and long-time but lesser known RIA patriarch, announced to his alliance of his departure from CN, stating boredom.

Independent Thread Responses[]


In response to Manic Monday deletions, CyberNations niceguy Nintenderek of Derekica issues a call for a return to community.

Colonel Klink[]

Colonel Klink, a member who is new to CN, gave his opinions on the recent events in a topic called "View from the bottom"