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This alliance merged to become part of Terra Prime.

Merger occurred on/around November 28, 2008
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The Malachite Empire

ME Official Flag
ME Motto: Honor to the Brave!
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Zornosaur
Founded N/A
Leader(s) Emperor: Ragnarok Gunaarkokul
Other Officials


  • Imperial Chancellor: mackdriver101
  • Imperial Consul: Minato
  • Deputy: N/A
  • Imperial Vanguard: N Reeki
  • Deputy: mackdriver101
  • Imperial Envoy: Diablo626
  • Deputy: N/A
  • Imperial Treasurer: Diablo626
  • Deputy: DUSTY

Imperial Officers

  • Imperial Officer of Recruiting: N/A
  • Imperial Officer of Intelligence: N/A
  • Imperial Officer of Education: N/A
  • Imperial Officer of Communications: N/A
  • Imperial Officer of Historical Affairs: N/A

AllianceStats Statistics as of November 7, 2008

Total Nations 34
Strength 124,945
Avg. Strength 3,675
Nukes 0
Score 0.81

The Malachite Empire (Also known as ME, The Malachite Empire, and referred to as the Empire) is an evolving alliance based on the green trading spheres. Since its founding the Malachite Empire has sought to maintain its core values of: Honor, Unity, and Servitude. The philosophy of the Empire is to build the alliance as a whole, which will in turn help every individual nation.

Founded by Zornosaur on June 24, 2008, Emperor Zornosaur withheld the annunciation of the Malachite Empire until Aug 1 2008 as quoted from the post in the Alliance Politics forum of the Cybernations Forums:

"I have withheld presenting this alliance to the cyberverse as I thought that it was still in its fledgling stages, hardly ready to handle the turmoil of the cyberverse, nor respectable enough to receive the praise that every new alliance does when it is announced. I wanted this alliance to be an alliance worth presenting, before a unmasked it."
Unlike the founding date, August 1 is celebrated as an official and Imperial holiday throughout the empire.

On November 6, 2008, the Empire went into chaos as two members, Forgottenonez and Zornosaur, the Imperial Consul and Emperor, leave the alliance, resulting in a large drop of nation strength. While as of now the Empire is stable, the members are still fixing the void left by the members who left, with Ragnarok Gunaarkokul being promoted to Emperor by the retiring Zornosaur, Minato being promoted to Imperial Consul by the new emperor to replace Forgottenonez, and Diablo626 being given the job of Imperial Envoy to replace hairyape, a deleted nation, while still retaining his duties as the Imperial Treasurer.

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