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The Reformation, Reconciliation, and Revenge of the Federated Allied Independence League - - 2022/07/05 20:00

  It has been a woefully long time since the League has seen it fit to comment on the state of this world. Perhaps that may due to the fact that for as long many can remember this world has been d...

A Non Grata Declaration - - 2022/07/05 20:00

  Non Grata, accustomed to being recognized for peace, tranquility, poise, and elegance must brush aside our sophistication and descend into the abyss that is war. However ugly it may be, our caus...

CCC FA Update - - 2022/07/05 20:00


Sparta goes for a swim - - 2022/07/03 16:59

On a really sunny and really hot day, a group of very muscular guys decided to go out for a swim in their sea to cool down.   In their birthday suits, of course, because that's how we Spartans...

The Legion Declares war and chooses a new Night Imperator - - 2022/07/02 03:00

Out of the shower and ready to party Shining bright with pride On an evening like this, I'll get my man I always give myself a thumbs-up on my posts Because I love myself Now take my pic, it's fo...

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