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editIn the News

The Grinch Accords - - 2021/12/21 20:03

Wayward Sons and Ordo Cyberneticus and The Grinch Accords.   Note this was previously announced in the  WS/UFP merger, however OC wanted a separate announcement for its formality. :Fine Pr...

[DoE] Wait, when did minecrafters get here? - - 2021/12/19 01:23

Welcome to Ender Order, where we don't exactly have a fetish for minecraft but one of their mobs' is in the name so 🤷‍♂️   Anyways, Apart from me being a slight newcomer ( honestly I'm not if...

The Knight Before Christmas Santa CLAWS Treaty - - 2021/12/18 17:39

The Knight Before Christmas Santa CLAWS Treaty         'Twas the Knight before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stocki...

Official Wayward Sons Announcement - - 2021/12/17 15:19

From the desk of the Wayward Sons Quadtrimulate Effective immediately- myself and Porcos have resigned from the Quadtrimulate and Korlath and Nikki will replace us in the Quadtrimulate along...

Stewie's Last Treaty Text: The "Whoops we did it again" Accords - - 2021/11/17 19:48

Non Grata were painting a lovely picture of an Alpha Wolf. They had run out of Black Paint so hit up AlfonsoIV in Sparta for some.     They started laughing, wining and dining each oth...

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