Magyar Independent (also referred to by its initials, MI) is a fairly large mining company in Uralica, founded in 2009 in Tráty. It has two headquarters, one in Tráty and the other in Surgut. Incidentally, these are the cities with, respectively, the largest proportion of Hungarians (the former) and the largest population of Hungarians (the latter) in Uralica, hence the name. A third major administration centre is planned for Nizhnyaya Tura.

Unlike most Uralican mining companies, Magyar Independent's main focus is on silver, not on iron. Although all other Uralican companies mine silver, some 55% of Uralica's silver output is from MI. On the other hand, it does not mine non-metallic minerals like Bolak Corp. or ferrochrome like NeoSeverstal.

Being the largest supplier of silver from the former Soviet Union region, Magyar Independent also has its own jewelry line, MI Jewellers, which specialises in silver-based jewelry, but also imports gold and diamonds from other nations.

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