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Alliance Sengoku
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bcortell, also just bc or bcort is a retired government member in Sengoku. He was a longtime member of Basketball Ninjas.


In January 2010, Macto was founded by bcortell (also known as bcortroll, occasionally referred to as dammit, BC), who became a member of the BN Academy. On April 5, 2010, bcortell met the requirements needed for a call up to the Basketball Ninjas Roster.

About bcortell[]

Ten pounds of anger in a mesh matter what you do, it will leak out in every direction and get all over your nice new rug.

If confronted by bcortell, there are a few simple rules to remember to ensure that the interaction does not end badly:

1. Remain calm. Avoid provocations if possible; shows of aggression will not scare off the bcortell.

2. Look for avenues of escape. Do not panic and flee, for the bcortell will give chase. However, be aware of any possible routes to safety.

3. Slowly back away from the thread or IRC channel, but do not turn your back.

There are only two known ways to stop an enraged bcortell in its tracks. The simplest, but messiest, is to use a firearm. Alternatively, consider discussing your feeling, hopes and/or dreams; the bcortell will become disinterested and somewhat uncomfortable, and may then proceed to other prey.

The Basketball Ninjas[]

Main article: Basketball Ninjas

The Basketball Ninjas are a small, peaceful, invitation only organisation of basketball playing nations founded by Jack Shepard and Hannah Montana. The players chiefly wear Green. The 'Ninja' is the recognised team mascot of the Basketball Ninjas organisation. The Basketball Ninjas are a peaceful organisation who prepares themselves to counter offensive plays from opposing players.

The BN Academy[]

Main article: BN Academy

The BN Academy is the developmental team of the Basketball Ninjas founded by the Basketball Ninjas front office.


Main article: Sengoku

bcortell joined a new alliance called Sengoku in late November 2012. Sengoku is a small alliance that was founded by friends who were former allies of Basketball Ninjas, primarily from OMFG and TIO.