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In office
March 01, 2010 – May 01, 2010
Preceded by Wootmeister
Succeeded by Mightyspoon

In office
December 29, 2008 – April 15, 2009
Preceded by Morte
Succeeded by Kevlar

MTTezla was the 24th Assembly Chairman of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. He also served, during his time in GATO, as Minister of Domestic Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Defense, as well as serving in the Congress seven times. He was a member of the New Pacific Order for a short time. He took on various jobs within NPO's Internal Affairs. After a short while he returned to his home in GATO where he still resides to this day.

Awards and Decorations[]

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization Medals[]

Current Ribbons of MTTezla

  • First Row: Global Alliance Service Medal, GATO Cross, Distinguished Service Cross (w/ 3 devices)
  • Second Row: Gold Laurel, Silver Star, Bronze Star (w/ oak leaf cluster)
  • Third Row: ZI Medal, Radioactive Medal, Assembly Chairman (w/ service star)
  • Fourth Row: Deputy Assembly Chairman, Minister of Domestic Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Fifth Row: Minister of Defense, Congress Speaker, Congress (w/ 4 service stars)
  • Sixth Row: Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs, Great War II, Great War III
  • Seventh Row: GATO-1V, Bi-Polar War, Ambassador Corps
  • Eighth Row: Division Commander, Battalion Commander, Company Commander
  • Ninth Row: Defense General Staff, Platoon Commander, Global Member Monitoring Force

Occupations in NPO[]