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Guru Order

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 08/07/2009
Treaty Status: Active

This is a MHA and GO MDoAP.


The love within Aqua keeps growing. After being a protectorate of the Mostly Harmless Alliance (hereafter MHA) for some time, Guru Order (hereafter GO) has matured. This results in the following treaty.

I. Friendship[]

MHA and GO agree not to attack each other. Members of both sides agree to be friendly and respectful towards each other at all times, and to keep any verbal conflict out of the public eye. Both parties agree to forward any credible information they receive that indicates a possible threat to the other signatory.

II. Support[]

Both MHA and GO agree to offer each other financial, economic, diplomatic, and military aid as they feel necessary.

III. Mutual Defense[]

An attack on one signatory is to be considered an attack on the other. Both MHA and GO should will be ready to assist in the defense of the party under attack within 48 hours.

IV. Optional Aggression[]

Should either MHA or GO engage in an offensive war against a third party, and the other signatory finds the cause to be just, they too may aid in the offensive. This assistance is encouraged, but not mandatory.

V. Cancellation[]

Should either signatory wish to withdraw from this agreement, they must give 72 hour notice before making a public announcement.


Signed on behalf of the Triumvirate of the Mostly Harmless Alliance

  • Crushtania, Triumvir
  • Sorum, Triumvir
  • Working Class Ruler, Triumvir

Signed on behalf of Guru Order

  • Guru Order Elders Council:
    • Mentor
    • Rodger Waldie
    • Blade Rocko
    • Smokey78