MCXA-Wootsauce War
Date: November 12, 2007 - November 23, 2007
Casus Belli: Wootsauce attacks MCXA protectorate
Result: Wootsauce disbands


The Allied Empire
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The MCXA-Wootsauce War began after a rogue from The Allied Empire attacked a nation in the Mostly Harmless Alliance. This rogue nation was attacked by a member of Wootsauce, who was a personal ally of the raided nation. Negotiations opened between the Wootsauce and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance, who was the protector of The Allied Empire. Several days after negotiations ended and both sides agreed to the payment of reparations, Wootsauce launched an assault on Valashu, negotiator and High Councillor for the MCXA. In response, both The Allied Empire and the Multicolored Cross-X Alliance declared war on Wootsauce, which disbanded after eleven days of war.

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