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M1 Battle Suit
JNA Labs M1
The M1 Battle Suit
Type Battle Suit
Place of origin Republic of Jerna
Service history
In service 2014-Present
Used by Republic of Jerna
Wars Jernan Civil War
Production history
Designer JNA Labs
Designed 2013
Manufacturer JNA Labs
Produced 2013 - 2014
Number built 15
Weight 35 metric tons
Crew 1

Armor Composite armor
4 JN-12 anti-materiel cannons
Engine Molten carbonate fuel cell
10 MW (13,400 hp)
Power/weight 0.286 kW/kg
Operational range 350 km
Speed 35 km/h

The M1 Battle Suit is a first-generation Battle Suit developed by the Jerna National Armaments Laboratory as a potential successor to the main battle tank as a front-line mechanised weapon. Presently, there are only 15 of these that have been produced, and all of them belong to the Presidential Guard of the Republic of Jerna.

The M1 is armed with four JN-12 anti-materiel cannons, which are similar to the M2 Browning Machine Gun, but of a more compact design.

In battle, they are crewed by 15 of the members of the Presidential Guard, and serve under the direct command of the Prime Minister of the Workers' Assembly, Siegfried Schwarzwind, in his M2 Battle Suit, the 'Chaos Edge', as part of the 1st Assault Battalion of the People's Armed Forces.

The existence of the M1 is a heavily guarded secret, with less than a hundred people in the entire Republic knowing of its existence. All of these people are either employed at JNA Labs' Experimental Weapons Research Lab, are employed by the Presidential Guard or are Arrnea or Siegfried Schwarzwind.