M1A2 Cho Chang
Cho Chang Tank
Service Information
Type Main Battle Tank
Used by Federalandia
Production History
Designer United Defense Industries
Manufacturer Shirada Industries[Red October],Federal Weapons Manufacturing Corporation
Weight 68 Tons
Length Hull: 10 Meters Gun Length: 9 Meters
Width 4 Meters
Height 2.3 Meters
Crew 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver)
Armor Composite
Primary Armament 120mm Smoothbore Tank Gun
Secondary Armament 2A42,M163
Defense Systems Reactive Armor, Interceptor System,
Engine TE-1 3000 hp Turbine Engine
Range 600 Miles
Speed Road: 74 MPH, Off-road: 60 MPH

The M1A2 Tank Is A MBT Of The Red October Armed Forces Its Armament Was 105 MM Turret That Can Destroy One Tank At The Time But Since Red October's Armed Forces Modernization Program In November 5th 2009 It Was Locally Produced As Cho Chang MBT Named After Cho Chang The Ravenclaw Student And Harry Potter's First Crush And First Kiss,It Symbolizes Freedom And Aggression Of The Armed Forces.

The Cho Chang tank upgraded With M256 Smoothbore Tank And Its Secondary Weapon Has Shipunov 2A42 From Russia To Easily One Shot One Kill Infantry For Less Than A Minute.

Since Then The Nation's Sister Mikoland's Creation M1A2 Tanks Were Bought In November 3 The Nation Ordered 100 Tanks But They Send More Tanks For Maximmum Effectiveness

Former Operators:

 Red October: 336(200 more in the future)
 Mikoland: 111(400 more in the future)

Current Operators

 Federalandia: 1400 [400 In Marines And 1000 In Reserved]


The Future Of This Tank Will Replace With The M1A3 Volturi With More Accurate And More Devastating 125 mm Cannon And The Tank Will Decommission In May 2010 If Any Suggested Of Extension It Will Extend Until December 2010.

Federalandia AdaptationEdit

The Tank Were Adapted From Its Former Ally States Of Missouri Recovered From The Ground Zero Last January 2010. Mostly Were Upgraded With State Of The Art Technology.

The Tank Entered Service Since Day 25 And Expired In Day 75 When JRJ-MBT Series Were Replaced. And The Tank Were Currently Now In Marine Corp And Freedom Star Forces.

Conversion into M1A1 James Reid-Ann Li Joint Main Battle Tank Edit

Federalandia and States of Missouri are now part of the Joint Strike Force,The JRJ-MBT was considered their main battle tank but they might have something else,Federalandia Chief of Staff General Telfair ordered the Federal Defence Industries to Convert the M1A2 Cho Chang Tanks to a mechanized M1A1 James Reid-Ann Li Joint Main Battle Tank,Its conversion will led to end the service of the M1A2s and the JRAL-JMBT will become their standard main battle tank for both nations,700 were currently produced,400 in federalandia and 300 for states of missouri.

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