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Lysva (Finn. Luusiva) is a Uralican city, located in Permski Rayon, about 15 km south of Chusovoi. There were at one point two settlements in Uralica named Lysva, but one (a village within Solikamsk-Berezniki Unitary Authority) accepted a name change to Malenkaya Lysva (Finn. Pieniluusiva) in a municipal plebiscite.

Lysva used to be a one-industry city, with the building of heavy machinery dominating. However, recent discoveries of silver ores, ferrochrome, and sulphur nearby have made mining, jewelry, steel-making, and pharmaceuticals possible, and metallurgy of all types has taken off. It is among Uralica's largest producers of parts for heaters as well - a vital industry in such a frigid nation.

The closest point to a major highway is 2 kilometres east of Highway UH-12.


Lysva's demographics show surprising cultural diversity for a city that was almost entirely Russian before Great War III. Russians are still the ethnic majority, making up around three-fifths of the population, however there are also many Finns, and smaller numbers of Estonians, Hungarians, Bashkirs, Mari, Permyak-speaking Komi, and Mennonites.

The city may be heavily industrial, but is also known for the richness of local arts and culture, with many small theatres located throughout the city. Some call it "The Stage Play Capital Of Uralica." There are also two art galleries - one of these is specifically devoted to scenic arts - and a unique photo-art gallery.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Lysva


  • Lokomotiv Lysva
  • Spartak Lysva

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Luusivan Jokerit
  • Dinamo Lysva
  • Traktor Lysva
  • Mashinostroitel Lysva
  • Svetotekhnika Lysva
  • Energiya Lysva
  • Torpedo Lysva
  • Progress Lysva
  • Transit Lysva
  • Tsementnik Lysva
  • MTK Liszva
  • Hapoel Lysva

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Lysva Lions


  • Lysvinsky RMS (non-League)


  • BK Lysva (non-League)

Ice Hockey[]

  • CSKA Lysva

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Bol'shaya Lysva
  • Zaimka
  • Dubrovo
  • Lipovaya Pervaya