New Zealand

National Flag
The Northern Lights is waving tender
National Anthem
The Northern Lights
Capital City Nightmare city
Official Language(s) Dutch (65%), English (25%), Swedish (5%), Russian (5%)
Established 1 March 2006
(5,239 days old)
Government Type Revolutionary Government Revolutionary Government
Ruler RicharDark anonymous
Alliance Communist Party of CyberNations
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Black team Black
Statistics as of 5/4/2008
Total population 136,480
 84,325 civilians
 52,155 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Mixed Mixed
Currency Currency NordLuit kroner NordLuit kroner
Infrastructure 8,809.99
Technology 1,698.21
Nation Strength 47,354.618
Nation Rank 625 of 5,242 (11.92%)
Total Area 3,620.054 Earth icon
Native Resources Coal Water
Connected Resources Aluminum Coal Fish Iron Lumber Marble Oil Rubber Uranium Water Wheat Wine

National happeningsEdit

30 March 2007 Luitania Joins Sparta after the League of Small Superpowers forgot about Luitania during the third great war
1 May 2007 Luitania celebrates Labour Day
26 June 2007 Luitania signs the OMG! Dutch Norwegians unite treaty with Nordkapp as a token of friendship between Nordkapp and Luitania
5 August 2007 Luitania rises to the top 5% nations and acquires a nuclear missile, named Luit I.
6 August 2007 Luitania acquires another nuclear missile, named Luit II.
7 August 2007 Luitania Government informs Planet Bob that a third nuclear missile is build, named Luit III and feels it is no longer needed to inform the rest of planet bob of any new nuclear missiles.
19 August 2007 Luitania Government accepts a law that prevents the nation from having more than 10 nuclear missiles. Additionally, nuclear missiles may only be constructed during times of war.
31 August 2007 Luitania hits 30,000 strength and will begin constructing a Social Security System to grant help to citizens in need of help.
2 September 2007 Luitania is unstatisfied with the recent changes in Sparta and decides to leave Sparta for Big Biz
1 November 2007 RicharDark becomes the President of Big Biz.
1 December 2008 RicharDark resigns as Big Biz president due to health issues
7 January 2008 Luitania annexes areas that were left unclaimed after the Third World War (the one that created Bob). Areas claimed include parts of former New Zealand and Tasmania, additionally a law is accepted allowing 20 nuclear missiles to be purchased.

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