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This article employs a style that is designed to be satirical or humorous, though it may or may not be interpreted that way by all readers.

The Lucky Star Accords
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SOS Brigade

Regnum Invictorum
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New Pacific Order

The Lucky Star Accords is a bloc founded on April Fools' Day between the SOS Brigade, Regnum Invictorum, the Jamahiriya, and the New Pacific Order.

The Lucky Star Accords[edit | edit source]

The Entrance Ceremony Pledge[edit | edit source]

We, the undersigned alliances do pledge to be vaguely three centimetres away from each other at all times and uphold this most sailor suit-themed document, at least until we change into our summer uniforms again next semester.

Article One - The Sky Falls With Love[edit | edit source]

Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki have been friends ever since they started high school and will be friends until they finish high school. While Konata and Kagami may get into fights every so often, Tsukasa might envy her big sister a bit too much and Miyuki might be a bit too knowledgeable and well-endowed at times, they all recognize that they need each other, or there simply wouldn't be a show.

Article Two - You Are Shock![edit | edit source]

If one of us is getting picked on, the other girls won't stand for it.

Article Three - Let's Get Cherry Pie[edit | edit source]

If someone needs to be shown the power of sailor suits, all of the girls will join together into a great cheerleading troupe and show the world how it's done.

Article Four - It's Only Monday, What To Do?[edit | edit source]

If it's only Monday and we're already feeling depressed, we can do something to liven things up a bit, but we have to talk to each other first so nobody's caught wearing the wrong clothes to school.

Article Five - Take It, Sailor Suit![edit | edit source]

Signed for Izumi Konata,
The SOS Brigade

Signed for Hiiragi Tsukasa,
Regnum Invictorum

Signed for Hiiragi Kagami,
The Jamahiriya

Signed for Takara Miyuki,
The New Pacific Order

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