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This country is part of the Post-Dissolution Sphere

Federation of Louisana
Fédération de la Louisiane
National Flag
Union, Justice, Confidence
Capital Baton Rouge
Largest City New Orleans
Official languagess English
Demonym Louisianaean
Government Federal Presidential Republic
- President Edwin Brown
Legislative Parliament
- Independence

March 13, 2010
Major Religions Christianity
National Animal Pelican
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency DD
Literacy Rate 96.8%
Internet TLD .lu
Driving Lane Right
Date Format dd-mm-yyyy

The Louisiana Federation is a sovereign state situated mainly in the area of the former state of Louisiana and expands into areas of the former states of Texas and Mississippi. It was founded by Edwin Brown, who is the current president. The country's main industries are fishing and oil. It is ruled by a president, who oversees the Cabinet, commands the military, and makes most of the decisions regarding national matters. The Parliament of the country primary oversees the President's actions and can impeach the President as well as create bills to be approved by the cabinet and the President.

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