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Creative Anarchy

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Established 1/1/2007
Nation Team Red team Red

Life in the NPOEdit

Loucifer joined the Order back in January 2007 after migrating from NS. He was quickly interested in the Praetorian Guard which he helped rebuild under Vladimir. He and Umbrae Noctem were both appointed to the title of Centurion and they worked on revolutionizing the structure and function of the Praetorian Guard. Loucifer soon was promoted to the position of Procurator of the Guard and ran its day to day administration.

Loucifer was very popular amongst his colleagues that he was elected to 3 terms on the New Council of Pacifica. He served diligently to make sure the Body Republic's voice and opinions were heard by the Imperial Officers and the Emperor. Loucifer also modernized the Academy. It now serves as the premier institution of knowledge in the Cyberverse.

Lou's dedication to the Order was glorified by his superiors. He was awarded The Banking Star (1st Class Honours) by Frawley for lending his services in the field of alliance wide logistical support. The Emperor himself also rewarded Lou the Pacifican Chancellor's Medal, for excellency in running the Academy and making her the Premier Academy. And Emperor Revenge awarded him the Pacifican Medal for Economic Excellence along with Cortath for reviving the Tech Corps and making it the best tech distributor in the cyberverse.

On July 8, 2008 Emperor TrotskysRevenge, impressed with Lou's tenacity and dedication to the Order, promoted Loucifer to the Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs. Comrade Loucifer had this to say about the promotion "I was suprised and honored to be selected. I hadn't really expected to be promoted as I wasn't looking for a promotion, I was just trying to do my jobs to the best of my ability."

Current DutiesEdit

Loucifer retired from active duty on April 22, 2010 and joined the ranks of Officer Emeritus serving the Order with his wisdom and knowledge.

Prior Imperial Office PositionsEdit

Loucifer was appointed back to Military Affairs on Nov 26th 2009 by Emperor Cortath, a position Loucifer previously held in good standing prior to Technological Affairs.
Loucifer was appointed the Imperial Officer of Technology Affairs on October 24, 2009. He had taken this seat as it was previously vacated by the now Emperor Cortath. Loucifer had plenty of experience in this area as he was the leading force behind bringing the Tech Corps into its current state. This Imperial Position has been retired as it is all under the control of the Imperial Office of Economic Affairs.


Award Name Description Date Awarded
Pacifican Chancellor's Medal For excellence in education of Pacifica's membership, the academy in particular. 12 April 2008
Pacifican Medal for Economic Excellence For Loucifer's excellence with the Tech Corp 12 April 2008
Banking star (1st class honours)
Banking Star 1st Class Honors For bankers whom have rendered services particularly in the field of alliance wide logistical support 11 April 2008
Polar Icecaps Cup Award Awarded for being a part of Pacifica's Recruitment team during the Icecaps Cup Recruitment competition in 2007. 17 December 2007

War HistoryEdit

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