Hell Reincarnated
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Established 1/30/2007
Alliance Mushroom Kingdom
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Nation Team Aqua team Aqua

In the NPOEdit

Lord of Destruction decided to join the NPO in early December 2007 after deciding that his previous alliance was too stagnant, and saw the NPO as an alliance that held similar views to his own.

Lord of Destruction joined the Recruitment Corp and through hard work and dedication, managed to rise to control the day-to-day running of the department.

He also decided to join the Diplomatic Corp as an ambassador, then managed to rise to Diplomatic Consul before reverting back to ambassador.

With an eye for the Media department, LoD took on the roles of Scribe, Artist and DJ which he has held for several months.

LoD also joined ACE, first as a Mentor and then later became and Auditor.

When quizzed about the most fulfilling thing he's done for the Order, the reply was;

Being an active member, and helped other members. All the jobs I hold are fulfilling, and I enjoy each of them
- LoD


In the September 2008 Council elections, Lord of Destruction received, an accepted a nomination to run for Council. After campaigning, the members of the Order recognized his work ethic by electing him to the honored position of Council.

War historyEdit

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Lord of Destruction has made a new path leaving the NPO during the Karma conflict. After quickly surrendering he joined up with Mushroom Kingdom.

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