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Established 12/26/2006
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New Pacific Order
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Early StriderEdit

Lord Strider began his career on Cybernations within Nordreich, but quickly discovered that it did not suit him. He then moved to the New Pacific Order on the 22nd of February 2007, and never looked back. He joined the NPO because he looked to be with the best, and that is exactly what he found.

New Pacific OrderEdit

I liked the looks of the alliance from afar. So I came over to see what it was all about. at first I was very lost and didn't know where to start in such a place, slowly I found my place though, and I made the climb to where I am now.

Lord Strider started out with the Praetorian Guard, never really moving up in the ranks of the guard, he still felt like he made an impact.

Lord Strider also tried his hand at the Diplomatic Corps, quickly realized he was not cut out to deal with the inactivity of some of his assigned alliances, he moved on looking for something that fit him.

Lord Strider served time on the Council Pacifica. He won his election on a ticket of change,

It was a hard place though, and I did what I could there.

Eventually Lord Strider found his calling and a place to call home within his new home. he joined Pacifica's Bank, working every job inside of it he quickly became known for his expertise and talent with economics. LS at the end, became an Imperial Officer and served as the Bank Head.

For awhile due to time restraints there was a cut back in time available to actively serve, at that point LS took the title of Officer Emeritus and stayed in the shadows.

After that things settled down Lord Strider and he found himself in a whole new arena, as one of the Imperial Officers of Internal Affairs. His goals were to help out as much as he could to make IA the best it could be.

Mushroom KingdomEdit

Lord Strider left NPO and spent roughly a year in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Return to NPOEdit

In the summer of 2011 Lord Strider returned to the New Pacific Order. His application was accepted by the Emperor Mary the Fantabulous herself after days of discussion on his application by the Body Republic.

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