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Lord Fingolfin is the benevolent dictator of the nation of Dorthonion. During his reign, Lord Fingolfin has served in various positions, notably as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and later the Proconsul of the Legion, as well as several others. More information will be forthcoming.

Lord Fingolfin
Nation Dorthonion
Founded 4/3/2009 7:33:30 PM
Allegiance The Order Of The Paradox
Service 10/23/2010–present
Alliance Position Grand Legate
Previous Alliance(s) The Legion (4/4/2009 - 2/21/2010)

New Pacific Order (2/23/2010 - 3/2/2010)

New Sith Order (3/2/2010 - 3/19/2010)

Gondor (3/19/2010 - )

Independent Republic of Orange Nations ( - )

Gondor ( - 7/3/2010)

Random Insanity Alliance (7/4/2010 - 10/15/10)

Previous Positions Legion Centurion
Legion Director of Technology
Legion Deputy Foreign Minister
Legion Head Professor
Legion Minister of Foreign Affairs
Legion Proconsul

New Pacific Order Imperial Ambassador
New Sith Order Marauder of Peace (DMoFA)
Gondor Minister of Economics
RIA Director Of The Cactuhova's Witnesses (DMoFA)

Battles/Wars Karma War
IRON-Gramlin Resistance
Major Awards

The Legion

- Imperator's Award for Outstanding Service

- Karma War Ribbon

- Second Unjust War Ribbon

- Government Service Ribbon

- Nuclear Survivor Medal

- Economics Distinguished Service Award

- Foreign Ministry Service Ribbon

- Internal Affairs Service Citation

Founding Member of Gondor
Leader Amongst Men

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